The Natural Time - Sat 28 Mar - Thu 9 April

The ancient Maya culture in Mexico and Guatemala has great knowledge left on the stars and the calendar. Because we like Happy News unity with nature to restore,
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we here, in collaboration with Maya Tzolkin to the 13 days a new Wave spell .
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Each day has its own power based on a combination of a Solar Seal, with names like Dragon, Wind, and a tone. The tones range from 1 to 13. A period of 13 days is called a Wave spell - magic wave - 13 days because there is a certain energy, which is determined by the first day of a Wave spell. Even if you have no knowledge of the existence of Wave Spells are they, like the seasons of the year it used to. See if you recognize what's going on. The 13 Moons Work special note are pages so that your experience during the wave Spells can track.
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Yellow Seed Wave spell
chin 144 to 156
Sat 28 Mar - Thu 9 April

The offer income / know when the time is Consciousness, maturing are, flourishing

Seal Seed: Seed is both the seed itself all future possibilities are stored as the fertile soil in which everything is the seed to germinate and flourish to come. Seed is targeted action, potency, vigor and development.

Seed Wave Games: The seed is the beginning of all talents and capabilities. What is needed for the seed to germinate? These days you can block creativity and sexuality. Ask you whether you believe you own in the way that you can not fully develop their potential. Ideas like 'I can not', 'sweating is bad' or 'I will not be the best work inhibiting the germination of the seed. Give it not, ga not to accept because seeds would germinate! Oh, is not too impatient, because that is part of the seed Wave Games: Seed knows when it is time to germinate and flourish.