Fifth Dimension

August 13, 2009

In the development of the Fifth Dimension, we come through the Third and Fourth Dimensions. Dimensions are not tangible things, but rather a global consciousness.

While we ourselves are all in greater or lesser degree and in a higher or lower pace by the four steps of awareness around us, does the same with society. A society in the Fourth Dimension is different than a society in the Third Dimension. The more aware we are of ourselves of our own process, the faster we go through our own process and the more people will do so as well, how we as a whole can get closer to the Fourth Dimension, and then to the Fifth Dimension.

You can assume that a large part of the world currently is in the Third Dimension the reality of everyday experiences.

Fifth Dimension
According to the Mayan calendar end of 2012 we will arrive at a final transition to the Fifth Dimension.

In the Fifth Dimension, we are free from our past and the patterns are very old who were against us in our consciousness to be full development of who we are. We respect ourselves, but also our fellow man. The realization that we are really very unique and that we should all celebrate his or her own path has been fully penetrated.

The Maya are the years 2012 (after December 21) to 2017 the years of transition, in which the entire society develope fully and embrace life and the energy associated with the Fifth Dimension.

We will know a world where there is great respect for Mother Earth and each other and where each puzzle piece of the society by any single individual is completed from power and love for his or her own activities. The High Self has taken over from the Ego,we may not carry more of a significant role.

The Fifth Dimension is ruled by love, as opposed to anxiety, which dominated the Third Dimension. Thus, a society in which all help each other and realization that everyone in life are on there own mission. A life mission where everyone is really for each other, and help each other with supports. In the Fifth Dimension our dreams come true in accordance with their highest truth.