End of the world or new awakening? Something's up. We don't know what. A tribe to discuss 2012 as a symbol, marker, or date of transformative change. PLEASE READ:
The topic of this tribe is the Year 2012 as a symbol, marker, or time of unprecedented change for humanity. This is what is on topic to discuss:

-- what forms those changes may or may not take (for example, Earth changes, ET appearances, dimensional shift, ascension, armageddon, apocalypse, world peace, world war, , end of the world, collapse of the present system, Atlantis rising, Second Coming of Christ, awakening of the noosphere, transcendence of old paradigms, transformation of consciousness, etc , etc) or whether any such unprecedented or transformative changes will happen at all.

- the meaning of the date December 21, 2012: whether a great change will happen suddenly on that date, or whether the date is a symbol, or whether the date is a way to synchronize human consciousness, whether we are in the change right now, and whether the expectation of a great change in 2012 makes us active or passive.

- the Mayan calendar, and prophecies from other sources, including prophecies made by scientists

- the nature of the "system" we live in as a way of understanding how that system may be changed.

- the nature of consciousness, reality, and mind, the nature of other dimensions of existence; shamanism, magick, and other ways of affecting reaility through consciousness; and entheogens

- Planet Earth, ecological crises, Gaian consciousness

- indigenous peoples, indigenous struggles, indigenous consciousness

- historical "end of the world" movements, and how they do or do not compare to 2012

What is NOT on topic on the 2012:

- politics-as-usual; polarized political debates that operate within th framework of politics-as-usual. If it is about same-old-same-old, rather than about the process of unprecedented CHANGE represented by 2012, then it is off-topic. If it could fit comfortably on an ordinary political debate board, then it is probably off topic.

- hatred: postings that promote hatred of other groups of people. Hatred and division is what we are trying to transcend.

Off-topic threads may be deleted.

Also, civility of discourse is expected in this tribe. Posts that contain personal insults or that ridicule another person, or that ridicule what another person says (instead of offering another intelligent point of view) may be deleted. People who repeatedly insult and ridicule others may be subject to ban.

The moderator does not read every thread, so if there is a problem in a thread, please send her a message. The person who starts a thread gets special consideration if they want their thread cleaned up, especially if the topic has been derailed. (Courteous disagreement that stays on the topic won't be deleted,)

Thanks and welcome to all.