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Thread: What does 2012 mean to you?

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    What does 2012 mean to you?

    Everyone seems to have their own theory of what will happen in the year 2012, from a catastrophic end of the world to a global pandemic. What do you personally think will happen in 2012?

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    Re: What does 2012 mean to you?

    It's 2011 December 31 23:59:59 the clock shifts, it 1 second past midnight and it's now 2012. What happened? Absolutely nothing besides the fireworks. I'm sure something new will pop up, but will civilization end in 2012? No.

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    Re: What does 2012 mean to you?

    It means absulutely nothing except another year I hope I can make it through at my age....

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    Re: What does 2012 mean to you?

    I agree with you two, I think it's funny how everyone is freaking out and making a big deal over the whole thing when it will likely end the same as Y2K. Extremely uneventful.

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    Re: What does 2012 mean to you?

    It really doesn't matter to me. If the world ends then, then we won't be. There isn't anything to worry about. However, if you are still concerned, do whatever it is that you want to do before you die. Or at least, whatever you can. The way I look at things now is life is already short. You or anyone can die at any moment. It doesn't have to be 2012 to make you realize that. It sounds cliche, but do what you love. Spend time with those that matter the most.

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    Re: What does 2012 mean to you?

    Excellent point, purplerain! Everyday I focus on my family and my little corner of the world. IF something globally catastrophic was going to happen in 2012, I wouldn't be able to stop it anyway.

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    Re: What does 2012 mean to you?

    It means nothing to me because I don't believe in those Mayan calendars but it is pretty bad that so many people are drawn to that phenomenon. It's bad because the government and elite can use it to their advantage.

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    Re: What does 2012 mean to you?

    The Maya were incredibly smart and advanced. But they simply did not see any point in going any further, they didn't make a calendar till infinity because they were already hundreds of years ahead. So, 2012 will just be another year.

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    Re: What does 2012 mean to you?

    Actually it's a calendar so it's on a loop, it's just a bigger one than 365 days. What happens when our calendar end's? Nothing, we start over. As far as living like there is no tomorrow goes, if you are not already doing it than 2012, 2013 not even 2050 will make a difference in that.

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    Re: What does 2012 mean to you?

    It means another year. I am not worried about the world ending. As Mr. X mentioned, it's just a looped calendar that starts over, so it's no big deal.

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