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Thread: Oer knowledge

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    Oer knowledge

    Wednesday, February 18, 2009

    The Big Bang / Re-evolution / Atlantis is because geometric magnetic energetic contact was out of balance. There is no contact with the connection circles that belong together in balance to the Unit = Consciousness. This changed the frequency of the Natural Evolution, so the Re-evolution''born''and so was the Earth in a negative 3rd Dimension. Then, the Man is not connected with his own inner ITSELF. There is also no connection to the natural evolution. The Re-evolution was first understood for the natural evolution that could recover. The geo-path ones''burdensome interference radiation of the Earth''our disease / suffering can recover. Fortunately, the Re-evolution understood by the universe, was difficult because it is not of their own origin, it is difficult to understand? This is also the people, if something is not of ourselves, we can not understand? This is a mystery because it is superhuman? Understand that change is often necessary. This is the end of a long Re-evolution and the natural evolution comes back through the Universal Consciousness complex intelligence of the Almighty / Universe. This negative Re-evolution stops again in 2012.

    Evolution = start + prehistoric + + Creation Time development time are also gradually occur. Natural Evolution is necessary for the creation of ALL THERE IS also maintained. Natural Evolution is in the consciousness of the Almighty. For Humanity is a gradual evolution mental development, because the human DNA is upgraded for 2012 and then ends this evolution plan. This unique wonder of the Creation we do not understand, that we accept. Human life has been, we are also responsible for. We have an awareness Multifunction IN us to be independent. God is not the beginning and end? No we are responsible for our own lives and for our own happiness, is in our heart / soul, believe in yourself.

    FEAR (Is Israel a recurrence of Atlantis?) Entities are also negative geometric magnetic interference fields. Our 10th Chakra''energy''of balance as our 10th chakra is not in balance, we started to malfunction. Forgiveness frees us from "entities are negativity. In a womb is life fluid 'water' in. After each birth starts a new life? Therefore, a forgiveness purifies every Man his own conscience. Everyone is entitled to a new beginning in life. Trust this, this works if you believe in it. Come in for yourself, AND LIGHTING forgiveness frees us from our negativity.

    The universe is evolved through a process of evolution gone, which means progressive development to a higher and this is evolution theory. This has lasted billions of years before the Almighty, the Creator was the format that is now. So we certainly know that the Earth is NOT created in 6 days, these are misleading data? OER KNOW about''energy in our minds "is in our heart / soul. Then you take the''stories''about the evolution and origin is not so literally, because then you know the oerwaarheid too.

    The omnipotence / universe is the Architect + Designers + Scheppers of ALL THERE IS. Creation has gradually gone, not like "religious believers' believe this? Creation is not about a religion / believe it. The Universe has first created the Universe / created. Thereafter, the Sirian Star + Orion + Plaiaden created where Humanity has lived for a while, until the Earth was created. If we leave the Earth, we go to the 'Kosmos' the Star that we have awareness. Our own 'know' Consciousness identifies Dimension 'invisible doors of our Consciousness us late. Man was there rather than the animal kingdom and also earlier than the Earth. Man gets back this confirmation of his own Multifunction consciousness.

    EGO-centric beliefs + have rituals, no scope for other knowledge? Man 'thought' literally 'to' believe what ever written? Understand, God is a consciousness spirituality =''wisdom''that all life in Man is his own God Consciousness, is not egocentric people believe? This is committed to better know and therefore they can not change? It is NOT God's word written, because God is a consciousness. Therefore, this change also needed to understand. Man was not ready for something good in itself to recognize? Christ is also a purification of consciousness, if we believe and trust Christ Consciousness activate our immune system. Believe what you own 10 Master Cells + 10 + 10delig chakras DNA system, because everything in our Light Body is still protected by the Sacred Geometry.

    Pure conscience of Maria + Quan Yin "symbolizes love + self-love. Oerweten of Jesus + Buddha "is a symbol for our own 10delig consciousness. Spirituality is a symbol for renewal + life wisdom. Everyone IS a Maria + Jesus + Quan Yin or Buddha? Every Man has all these pure inner awareness OERWETEN in itself. Man makes it so difficult, as we just can not see, we believe it? Do not go into opposition, I also 25X I WANT my confidence + believe in myself go, because this is my 2 Master keys that I need. Then our energy aware 'intelligence asset and we work much better. Trust in the future.

    Source: spiritualwisdom.nl
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    “How is freedom measured, in individuals as in nations? By the resistance which has to be overcome, by the effort it costs to stay aloft. One would have to seek the highest type of free man where the greatest resistance is constantly being overcome: five steps from tyranny, near the threshold of the danger of servitude.”

    Friedrich Nietzsche

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