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Thread: Will the Annunaki return in 2012?

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    Will the Annunaki return in 2012?

    "Jordam Maxwell said that the final endgame is here. HE said that the Earth will be subdued by the PTB Maitreya plan/Blue Beam and that the PTB themselves are being subdued bu the Reptilian Annunaki. SO then I suspect that the MAitreya will the the Return of the Annunaki in 2012. The Annunaki will come to destroy and conquer us. What Hernan COrtez arrived in Mexico the Aztecs believed it was teh Return of their MESSIAH Quetzalcoatl which is called "The Return of the Feathered Serpent". This is a foreshadow of what the Reptialian Annunaki will attempt in 2012. SO what happenned when COrtez cam to the Aztecs? They believed he was their god and lavished him. But what did Cortez do? He hled their King Moctezuma hostage. Moctezuma told the people to be nice to Cortez, but the people didn't listen and declared war on the Spaniards. What did Cortez then do? He killed the captain of another oncoming Spaniard ship and used that ship's crew to help him in ther conquest of the Aztecs. Cortez did indeed succeed.

    This is a foreshadow of what is occurring. The Annunaki will return of 2012 (Return of the Feathered Serpent) and the Illuminati/NWO will hail them as their gods and will believe that they have come back to be nice to them for their subjugation of the world. The Annunaki will then betray the PTB and then the Annunaki will destroy and destryo and conquer humanity which is an exact parallel to what Cortez did to the Aztecs. The endgame is here.

    The Reptilian Annunaki would be interested into subduing us, becuase of what I said before and this is: the human ace on Earth is a collection of Fallen Races and mutiple races and if a higher race of beings (Annunaki are negative 4D or higher) conquers this world then that race will be able to harness that the increbile power and force that this multi-racial humanity already possesses."

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    Re: Will the Annunaki return in 2012?

    Many of them, are already here

    The ones you have been waiting for,

    have already returned, some of them,

    if you take your finger off your keyboard,
    and, point it in the direction of your chests,
    will be, the thing, sitting at the end of the finger

    you are all, as magicient as creators, and, co-creator gods

    too bad, a lot of people are dead would, and, dead wood

    start a process - of turning 'would' or 'wood' into 'will'

    should into shall

    could into can

    and, your whole world will change, in a blink of an eye

    the real answer is here ~ trust a lady, to get the answer
    verified by science, maths, and, the new & the full moon
    here, at this link on this site:

    2011 ? 2012 ? or 2013 ? Susan Lynne Seraf'ina Schwenger decodes The Calenders !!!

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