ALIEN SHIFT 2009 Conscious Life Expo 2012 PROPHECY
Thursday, February 26, 2009

ALIEN SHIFT New Hope for Humanity bring you the: Prophecy is generally regarded as the foreknowledge of future events which can not be known by the natural light of reason. Clearly, there are many levels of prophecy, from the highest cosmic vision to the day-to-day intuition we all experience. Is there an Armegeddon out there? Or a thousand years of peace and prosperity? Maybe the future only exists as a morphogenic field of possibility and our actions in the present create it moment by moment.

Join our amazing panel of seers and Prophets as we explore the future vision that arises in our mass consciousness at this critical juncture of time and possibility. George Noory is host of the nationally syndicated Coast to Coast Radio. John Hogue Rogue teaches prophecy and is considered a world recognized authority on Nostradamus. Sean David Morton, one of America's premiere Futurist, is Director of the Prophecy Research Institute. Daniel Munoz is a Mexican journalist and researcher has specialized in the study of prophecy for over two decades. David Wilcocks is a lecturer, filmmaker, musician and mystic with many prophecies that came true. Saeed David Farman is the Founder and Group Leader of Int'l ALIEN SHIFT New Hope for Humanity.

ALIEN SHIFT is an International Organization with different groups and affiliates around the globe. Our goal is to make Close Encounters of the 5th child with positive service to all Aliens of all races for possible coloniztion of other planets and or safe lift off and landing during and after the coming Pole Shift 2012-2019. Call us with your ideas and suggestions: 1-641-715-3900 Ext 32204 Aliens ,UFO, MARS, Pole Shift, ASCENSION, HAARP, 2012, CERN "

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