Newsletter January 2012

What Are We Creating?
We stand at a threshold. Behind us is all that we have known and all that we have been. In front of us is the unknown and the mystery of creation. And what are we creating? We are creating a new version, frequency or expression of the person whom we have known as our Self. This new expression of our Multidimensional SELF is inside of us and is different from the one we have formerly known as our Self. Many of us are beginning to feel a new expression of our SELF inside that we have never experienced before.

Before now, our Multidimensional SELF usually kept inside us, and we perceived it as was a mystery, a quest, a goal, which we had never achieved while holding a physical form. Our expanded consciousness is the core of this new SELF. For many of us, this new SELF has not totally broken through its shell, as the shell has allowed us to stay in a world that did NOT feel like our Home. Too often, we felt unhappy in this "outside world" because we often had to pretend to be the person who was acceptable, the person who could survive.

For most of our life, as well as for myriad lifetimes, this SELF we had to keep this component of our Essence a secret from those around us, or even from ourselves. We could not begin to imagine that we could BE the one we felt inside. Therefore, we perceived this Being, not as inside but as above. Our ego worshiped this Being that we thought was up above and thought of it as an external God. Unfortunately, our ego was trained to be subservient to God, as well as all authority figures. Conversely, our inner SELF did not feel like an authority figure. It felt like love. But, how could we love our SELF, our ego queried?

Our ego had learned from the world that loving our SELF was conceited, something we never wanted to be. The being inside that felt like love could not be our SELF, as we could not imagine that such a Loving Being could be inside. However, as the frequency of our personal and planetary body is rising, many of us are beginning to believe that this loving Being can be inside. At the same time, we are feeling our ego reminding us not to be conceited. We hear our ego saying, "If you want to be a good person, you need to work really hard and achieve recognition, fame and respect from the outside-and, yes, you must also make money."

Nonetheless, the Being inside of us, the one who we used to believe was above, is saying, "There is NO outside". This higher frequency inside of us is a higher expression of our Multidimensional SELF. Even after lifetimes of study, meditation and spiritual seeking, we are still unsure about whether or not we can really be the SELF we feel inside. In fact, a battle is raging. It is the same battle that we have fought our entire life. It is the battle between the ego self that society has told us we should be and the Multidimensional SELF we have always been. Actually, the fight has come from our ego/self, whereas our Multidimensional SELF has patiently waited for the fight to be forgotten and Truth remembered. Patience has often been an issue for us because our third dimensional self has wanted the instant manifestation of our fifth dimensional SELF. The hard work over long periods of "time" to make our lives even vaguely resemble what we felt inside made us depressed, anxious, angry and afraid. Fortunately, as we gained more mastery over our thoughts and emotions our achievements made us feel better. But "achievements" easily became traps to pull us out of the SELF inside and into the ego who did what it had learned to do. But, now, we no longer want to do those things.

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