Alex welcomes to the show ordained Baptist minister Lindsey Williams. Lindsey will reveal on the Alex Jones Show today new groundbreaking information about the plans of the global elite. Because of the executive status accorded to him as Chaplain of the Alyeska Pipeline Company, Williams has been privy to the plans of the elite for years. Last year Williams predicted the price of oil would go up significantly and the market has since skyrocketed, most recently in response to the outbreak of engineered revolution and violence in the Middle East, developments also revealed to Williams by the global elite. Alex also covers the latest breaking news and takes your calls during the show.
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Part 1 - Introduction & Historical Overview of NWO Plan:

Part 2 - NWO Strategic Plan & Secret backing of 'Muslim Brotherhood' (Next Steps):

Part 3 - NWO Strategic Plan & "Arab Nations NWO DoubleCross" (New Information):

Part 4 - NWO 2012 Timeline, George Bush Snr (China):

Part 5 - Callers on Arab DoubleCross, Lindsey Williams & Alex Jones (Summary)

How the "Dominoes Will Fall"?

Brief History Lesson (OPEC) Oil is the World's Currency, Not the $USD!

Between 1977 - 1980

  • Henry Kissinger Cut a Deal with the Middle Eastern Oil producing Nations (Opec), which stated the US would buy Oil from them ONLY if part of the payment was in US Federal Reserve TBills & Securities.

NWO 2012 (Strategic Plan)

  • Remember Ken Fromm's (Now Dead NWO Insider) statement he made to Lindsey Quote: "If it's written on a piece of paper, then it's only worth the piece of paper it's written on"!
  • The current Middle Eastern Crisis (Partially caused by the NWO backed Muslim Brotherhood) will continue to exacerbate throughout Egypt, Lybia, Yemen, Turkey, Morroco, Saudi Arabia, etc.
  • Oil will increase to around $200 USD per Barrell affecting Cars, Trucks, Airlines & Military leading to 'Massive Increases' to the cost of Food, Transport and Cost of Living.
  • This is when the Middle Eastern Oil producing Nations will be "DOUBLECROSSED" by the NWO/Elite by collapsing the $USD, therefore rendering all the US Federal Reserve TBills & Securites held by these Countries 'WorthLess'!
  • Once this transpires there will be a 'Huge Backlash' and the Oil will cease to flow to the US!

Summary from Left to Right:

  • Middle East (Crisis Escalating) - Oil Price $200 USD/Barrel - NWO/Elite "DoubleCross' Collapse of the $USD - Middle Eastern Countries Economically ruined.


  • Once the above has 'Transpired' the NWO/Elite will open up it's own Oil Reserves (Known about for the last 50 years) i.e. North Slope of Alaska, Gull Island, including Bracken Rigde which sits under the Rocky Mountains and holds upwards of 2 Trillion Barrels (announced by George W.Bush in 2005).
  • Once this has been done Americans will be forced to pay upwards of $7-8 per Gallon! Combined with the $USD Collapse, this is when the NWO/Elite will bring in their "One World Currency"!
  • There will be 'NO' Food Shortage! The Grocery shelves will be fully stocked. BUT most people will not be able to afford it!

China and Russia?

  • Ken Fromm Quote to Lindsey " China is the Big One"!
  • China 'WILL NOT BE AFFECTED' by this 'Oil/Middle East Crisis' because it has signed an Exclusive deal with Russia to buy all the Oil & Natural Gas they want from them!