Concerns Are Aplenty Over the New Bill; Will it Help or Hurt the People?

The new food safety bill aims to help people by having stiffer regulations on food growing and selling. According to National Public Radio, the bill known as S-510 is designed to help reduce the number of food-related outbreaks of illness. The bill would provide the Food and Drug Administration with more power to regulate food and food producers. However, there are some sticking points, like an amendment that would exempt small farmers who sell directly to consumers within a 400-mile radius and who make less than $500,000 a year.

Let me say this first: I hate "Big Brother." I'm not saying I hate our government or making reference to either or any political party; I just dislike the whole idea of being controlled and monitored. Granted, this is nowhere near a mandatory identification chip implanted under the skin, but the thought of government regulation keeping me from gardening and saving seeds is ludicrous....

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Senate passed bill S510, This is just wrong.