Colloidal) Silver and Nivea
Sunday, March 29, 2009

For the attentive viewer will be noticed that Nivea (for people) since the short product 'Silver Protect Deodorant Spray "on the market has. Suddenly it is the normal thing in the world (and scientifically proven) that silver molecules are active and eliminate bacteria.

Why is this not the great bell hung?
Why does the medical world is not as full use of all scientific evidence?

Soon we will be (star-people) to come back here, but in the meantime may already helping seen for the colloidal silver' market. For products see eg Maxi Minerals

Here is the description as given by Nivea:
NIVEA FOR MEN Silver Protect Deodorant Spray based on silver technology provides maximum protection against body odor, 24 hours a day. Silver Protect is the first and only deodorant based on highly effective and scientifically proven silver technology. The unique formula contains active silver molecules eliminate bacteria, and body odor no chance. And even though the silver molecules the bacteria hard tackle, they are extremely mild for sensitive armpit skin. Irritation or redness? No way.

* No alcohol and colorants
* Skin tolerance dermatologically proven

Silver molecules are very active and move bacteria rapidly. They work on enzymes and other proteins in bacteria and cause and loss of viability. Furthermore, silver molecules on the cell wall of bacteria and bind to DNA and RNA of bacteria so that they can not multiply.

This prevents the safe development of body odor. And while silver molecules hard against bacteria and odor, they are particularly mild and friendly for sensitive skin under the armpit. Irritation and red skin? Certainly not!