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Thread: Colloidal silver can be best defense against Swine flu

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    Colloidal silver can be best defense against Swine flu

    Colloidal silver can be best defense against Swine flu
    Friday, May 1, 2009

    The best defense against Swine flu, or any flu, is the age old remedy or colloidal silver. The metal Silve r in its colloidal state can be safely consumed and used in the body. Bacteria and viruses can not develop resistance to colloidal silver. Silver disables a vital enzyme and mechanism in all bacteria and pathogens so that they can not survive. It is good to take a few teas Poons or colloidal silver daily to maintain health. More coll oidal silver should be taken if experiencing illness.

    Colloidal silver was used by the medical profession well into the 1930's. However, it was expensive to produce and afford, especially at that time, and pharmaceutical companies invented alternatives (ie anti-biotics) to colloidal silver which were cheaper to make and sell. However, now many germ have developed immunity and resistance to anti-biotics.

    There is, at present, no sure for Swine flu vaccine and the fact that the Swine flu strain is a hybrid of strains from various species complicates the matter considerably.

    If you do take colloidal silver make sure you also consume yogurt on a regular basis because the colloidal silver will also destroy the good bacteria in the intestines.

    There are various companies making colloidal silver and the quality of the colloidal silver may differ from company to company.

    I do not have a business interest or connection with any company making colloidal silver, but I am personally using colloidal silver from Utopia Silver. Their website may be accessed here.
    The best article I have read on the subject of colloidal silver may be accessed at this website.
    This site is very informative about colloidal silver and how and when to take it.

    The author, Babu G. Ranganathan, has his BA with concentrations in theology and biology and has been recognized for his writings on religion and science in the 24th edition of Marquis "Who's Who In The East". The author's Internet articles may be accessed at: Babu G. Ranganathan's Articles on Religion and Science.

    By pressing this link you can order Colloidal Silver.

    Source: pravda
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    “How is freedom measured, in individuals as in nations? By the resistance which has to be overcome, by the effort it costs to stay aloft. One would have to seek the highest type of free man where the greatest resistance is constantly being overcome: five steps from tyranny, near the threshold of the danger of servitude.”

    Friedrich Nietzsche

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    Re: Colloidal silver can be best defense against Swine flu

    Colloidal Gold and Silver, Ancient Remedies, Back in a New Form
    Thursday, May 7, 2009


    The emergence of antibiotic resistance has been called the greatest threat to global health.

    Antibiotics are a very important cornerstone of our health.

    The frequent prescription of antibiotics to patients from laziness (give health rating and you see the patient will not return) and the use in agriculture, the effectiveness become less and less.

    Are we all now back to primitive times, bizarre or are there new opportunities?

    Colloidal silver can give hope. It is a natural antibiotic and stronger than expected. It works very well against a wide range of ailments.

    Never before have so many recipes as antidepressants prescribed today. Depression seems epidemic form. London is already Prozac from the tap.

    In the U.S. except antibiotics and steroids in surface water and drinking water, possibly remnants of antidepressants in the water found. In this way are even lucky people remaining on this chemical poison filled with harmful side effects.

    Most of these drug residues via the urine of humans and animals in the surface water and this water is water used for drinking water out of it. Ten to thirty percent of the drug residues remain in the water.

    Colloidal gold can be useful. It is a comfort means without unpleasant side effects and as silver (and selenium, zinc etc) belongs to the trace elements that humans need, and unfortunately the modern cultivation of crops too little in his or her body gets.

    Gold and silver we have as human beings is actually needed in our food, this can not be said of the chemical antibiotics significantly disrupt our intestinal flora and the chemical antidepressants we through drinking water and our health break.

    Old remedies:

    "Then Moses took the golden calf that they had made, burned with fire the vermaalde it until the commitment was fine, then poured it on the water and gave it to the Israelites to drink" (Exodus 32:20).

    This is a recipe for colloidal gold from the Bible. Moses made the people drink colloidal gold at their impatience and dissatisfaction.

    Centuries ago the Chinese already use gold coins they had meekoken in the rice and vegetables in order to trace amounts of gold within it. The Romans used it. In the Middle Ages was known as levenselixer.

    A few centuries ago, virtually every cowboy in the Wild West of America with him a silver dollar to its water and milk to purify. It was also used for the wounded during the First World War to help.

    The famous Paracelsus was a staunch supporter of different metals in his medicines used to cure diseases.

    Is it miracle?

    No, no miracle solutions. They are good resources. They are ancient remedies that since 1938 no longer the status of drug may carry. These funds are also sold as dietary supplements. There may therefore be said that silver has antibacterial properties, but not a cure bronchitis. The result is that distributors to find ways to circumvent this rhetoric. (Gold cure depression, for example gold helps to support the healing of depression).

    It is a lengthy process means the status of medicine to give. It costs millions and millions and as natural resources like gold and silver not to patent, it is for the pharmaceutical industry is not attractive to a lot of money in these funds (research) to invest.

    Differences between old and new method.

    One of the reasons for colloidal gold and silver becomes obsolete, the fact that the former was much more expensive to prepare. It was crushed.

    It was virtually priceless.

    Another reason is that it is not as safe as today.

    Many people are completely wrong still afraid of metal poisoning which no longer occur if the gold and silver in the right way it is prepared.

    When the metal particulates are too large, then the body can not excrete them and get unwanted accumulation of these metals in our body.

    The metal grinding, the particles too large, or one tenth mm.

    The particles are deposited by gravity and the product is of inferior quality. To prevent this, some manufacturers add a "stabilizer" to (usually a protein) to the solution to longer suspension. These stabilizers often block the beneficial effects of the particles.

    When silver particles are too large by a wrong method, the skin a gray-blue discoloration show "Agyria" said. While this discoloration is not dangerous, it's permanent, irreversible and thus it very undesirable. It is therefore essential to quality pure products.

    What is a safe method to make colloidal gold and silver ?

    Today, the colodial silver and gold is made by an electrical method.

    Michael Faraday, an English physician and chemist made in 1857 for the first colloidal gold.

    Pure gold is a liquid colloidal suspension of electrically charged microscopic gold particles in distilled water without any additions. The ideal size of a colloid is 0001 to 0005 microns (one micron is one millionth of a meter in diameter measured). Colloidal silver is the same but then the particles of silver of course.

    The colloidal gold and silver is a way for taking bacterial loads out.

    Colloidal gold and silver is usually sold with their indication as ppm (parts per million) value. This means that the number of particles of gold or silver is compared with the number of water particles in the solution. Silver Water 10 ppm means that there are ten silver particles per million particles of water in the solution are. This is confusing because it is a way for the total amount of gold or silver to give. Better would be to the size of the particles to stress. (Prof. Dr.Ronald J. Gibbs).

    For a demonstration by the electrical method, I traveled to see Sjoerd Bruijn (43 years). Sjoerd lives in Schermerhorn (North Holland).

    Sjoerd's actually been a child he was interested in technical matters and the design of devices. When he came into contact with a friend who works in the circuit of alternative medicine could Sjoerd his knowledge and creativity to design beautiful use of alternative medical devices.

    Sjoerd has a Super Wave Oscillator and a C-generator design. "The Super Wave Oscillator is made to a draft Lakhovsky and Tesla. (Lakhovsky and constructed high-frequency Tesla coil systems and took up the technique that led to the Super Wave Oscillator off). We use this device only to the gold water information (and of course for healing). The colloidal gold and silver we now with the C-generator. This is an adjustable high-voltage transformer (the high voltage transformer for the C-generator is called a stray field transformer. It consists of two coils tightly wound thread a week to iron core. One has thick wire coil with few turns (primary) and the others are thin wire with many windings (the secondary). According to the induction principle is 1 volt in the development of primary 1 volt in the development of the secondary. So if there is ten windings on the primary, and puts you at 10 volts, you 1 volt per development. If the secondary windings 100 have you under this principle, 100 volts.) In combination with the resonance box is much easier to gold and silver water. The C-generator generates a high voltage enabling a small plasma arc between two electrodes (gold or silver) to withdraw. The high temperature plasma of the evaporated metal. The water vapor that condenses to nano particles. It seems in this regard on a method of laser used in science (lateralization).

    It is indeed wonderful to see. By an electric current through two bars pure gold (or silver) and distilled water to lead to very small gold (or silver) particles by the water. The electrical charge of the particles keep them floating in the water (Braun Schenardi effect).

    The plasma arc is a beautiful blue sparkling flame, and gradually we see the gold-colored water to sweet pink discoloration. This process takes hours and hours. The gold, it is much harder work and more precise than the silver water production. It even has something alchemical properties. production explained: It was especially difficult for the whole system to birds. In itself, the C-Generator is no complicated device. Before I do pink and pale yellow colloidal gold colloidal silver, I could make it two years trying. First with the Multi Wave Oscillator, which plasma arcs to my fingers and went with the prototypes of the C-generator. The problem was that the gold water has not got the right color. The resonance box, a certain water temperature and correct water were ultimately the solution.

    It is very important to know that colloidal silver and gold can only be pure if they are made with distilled water and glass or from bottles. Distilled water from plastic bottles is cheaper but the plastic creates a chemical reaction with the colloids, which is not desirable. Even more important is to never water gold and silver to buy water in plastic bottles is. Some producers do to reduce costs and also are less likely to destroy, but it is really at the expense of the quality of the product.

    Sjoerd makes the products are always made in glass bottles. He shows me a small transparent bottle filled with gold vision. It is pure distilled water, where nothing is beyond tiny particles of gold and has a beautiful pink color. To the right color, it is patience and skill required and the right ingredients. Both the gold and the silver electrodes should of 99.99 percent pure gold and silver to be.

    He says that he ever pettish colloidal gold in a little glass of wine are made. "Wine with gold, like in a restaurant!". Great his surprise when the wine tasted better in a class. Many people have sought after him with the same result.

    What are colloidal gold and silver used for in our body?

    Its customers are satisfied and continue to order. The colloidal silver and gold is used in all kinds of ailments, but sometimes also as a preventive steps or a cure.

    Colloidal silver is a natural antibiotic that helps against viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites.

    In his book Micro Silver Bullet Dr Farber writes the following:

    "Research has shown that colloidal silver has been successfully deployed in more than 650 diseases, including by: acne, rosacea, various allergies, athlete's foot, tuberculosis, bladder infections, parasites in the blood, blood poisoning, gall stone, bubonic plague, burns, fungal Candida albicans, gangrene, cholera, conjunctiva inflammation, leprosy, leukemia, wolf ulcer, lymph gland inflammation, cystitis, diabetes caused by infection, cornea inflammation, Lyme disease, malaria, meningitis, Multiple Sclerosis, neurasthenia, parasitic infection (in the mouth and fungi). Pneumonia, pleurisy, prostate complaints, pruritus ani, psoriasis, festering harvest king, nasal mucosa inflammation, rheumatism, acne, red dog, inflamed eyes, ears, mouth and throat, sevorrhes, shingles, staphylococci infection, syphilis, thyroid symptoms, tonsillitis, poisoning, trachoma, trench foot , skin, all types of viruses, warts, whooping cough, fungal, viral stomach ulcers, AIDS.

    Paul Farber is a scientific researcher. He colloidal silver use of Lyme disease when he was almost fatal. Regular antibiotics he a Candida fungal infection occurred. Subsequently, he was cured of both Lyme disease and the fungus Candida infection through the use of the silver water.

    The effects of colloidal silver is based on the circumvention of an enzyme involved in the process of breathing oxygen fungi, bacteria and viruses.

    For example, throat inflammation, or gingival inflammation, the silver water used to rinse or wash.

    It can also directly and abrasions, lacerations and open wounds are gedruppeld or alone as a wrap.

    Antibiotic resistance.

    Internationally, there is great concern about the increase of antibiotic resistance in various clinically important bacteria (including Staphylococcus Aurelius, pneumonia and streptococci).

    These are very disturbing information. The resistance is created by doctors to quickly and easily antibiotics prescribed. It was so simple. After the dose and the patient was cured. It required little care and aftercare.

    Antibiotics are actually a very important cornerstone of our health. In the intensive care gets around ninety percent of the patients antibiotics.

    Also included transplantation of organs is impossible without antibiotics.

    The emergence of resistance against antibiotics is therefore declared as the greatest threat to global health.

    Now we have more and more in this situation is seen as the only solution to show restraint with the use of antibiotics. It is better not to write if the disease disappears by itself (eg flu).

    Even absurd, it is improper use. That means that even while it is used has no effect. (Example: when a cold that is caused by a virus antibiotics do not help).

    Besides doctors also use large-scale farmers antibiotics. Cattle farmers were late seventies the antibiotic avoparcin in their chickens, calves and pigs. This was mixed by the feed and the animals grow faster. Avoparcin is very similar to vancomycin, an important antibiotic against severe infections. Today is European legislation the use of antibiotics for such purposes restricted. The vancomycin-resistance has already spread worldwide.

    Colloidal silver seems now more and more bacteria develop resistance to antibiotics, more important than ever. Especially since less bacteria develop resistance to colloidal silver. (Often we read that bacteria do not develop resistance to silver water. This is obsolete. Warren Jefferson mentions in his book colloidal Silver Today few documented cases of silver resistance. These are still happy exceptions) .

    Also the silver water to ensure that people are less likely to use antibiotics in diseases such as flu etc which itself back from it. They would still have a good way to feeling better soon.

    Colloidal gold as a natural anti antidepressants.

    Today more than ever prescribed antidepressants.

    These resources have unfortunately all unpleasant side effects. They can addiction, for sure drowsiness, weight gain, a loss of libido or even a total smoothed emotional life and many other side effects. A side effect of Prozac, for example suicidal tendencies. How ironic.

    Too often it takes a while before these medicines work.

    Colloidal gold is a natural anti depressivium. According to Dr. Farber, who thirty years clinical psychologist has been the use of gold very good work in psychiatry. Especially since colloidal gold has no toxic side effects. In his book "The Micro Silver Bullet" says Dr. Gary Smith on the colloidal gold "Suicide is a national tragedy became especially among our youth (USA). Gold has a history that proves that it works in the direction of reversing the tendency of humans to suicide (...) If we could introduce colloidal gold in the dietary requirements of these high risk I think we have a long way could go in the reduction of the frequency and extent of suicide in this country (...). People who are mentally ill go through different emotional stages of degeneration as follows: frustration, dissatisfaction, irritability, pain, anger, rage, grief, fear, concern, fear, indifference, apathy, insanity. Gold helps in all cases the best ".

    Except that colloidal gold handle psychological problems help, is also administered as a painkiller. It is used in arthritis, rheumatism and other joint. We all know that the gold injections administered to rheumatoid patients.

    Also send gold mechanism of body heat and has a positive effect in chills, hot flushes and night sweats. It stimulates the vitality and there are even surveys going on positive effect of colloidal gold on the intelligence. I consider these studies too small and it is too early to make representations about to do. It also helps gold to the need for opiates or narcotics to reduce. People with alcohol may use colloidal gold as a support to the rehabilitation.

    When tumors have an inhibitory effect of gold and can sometimes even reduce the tumors lead.


    In my eyes it would be wonderful if more scientific research into the beneficial effects of colloidal gold and silver on the health of humans and animals.

    Once penicillin was a miracle and was the only and inappropriately prescribed.

    It lost, however, increasingly functioning as bacteria develop resistance. This is a natural process. It is part of evolution.

    Scientists are working to identify resistance genes and do their best to find a solution.

    Sometimes there is better to under several solutions simultaneously and to use.

    Fewer antibiotics, restrictive prescription, watch out for improper use and alternatives to antibiotics in the holes and why very positive attempt to ensure that people and animals sick by good nutrition and dietary supplements.

    Fortunately, there are already scientists the benefit of thorough scientific investigation of colloidal gold and silver do understand.

    Prof.. Dr. Ronald Gibbs, in his booklet "Silver Colloids. Do they Work? Some sobering facts to put a row. He sees colloidal silver as a great alternative now our usual antibiotics are less and less work. According to Gibbs, there is still more research is needed, right now in his eyes distributors often have little knowledge of the facts and resources to sell as a miracle remedies. As they do not reflect the tremendous qualities of colloidal gold and silver.


    Colloidal gold and silver are ancient medicines, which are now no longer the status of a drug may carry. They are considered by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration in the USA) as a product of 1938. This means that they can be manufactured and distributed, but that no claims are made for their effectiveness against disease.

    Somehow this is very unfortunate, because colloidal gold and silver provide wonderful opportunities for the health of humans, animals and even plants.

    They are also necessary except healing for people and other living organisms.

    Formerly the Israelites worshiped the golden calf. Moses hated this idolatry and gave the gold back to nature. He gave it to the water and so the man.

    Today we worship in my eyes is still the golden calf in the form of money. There is invested in research if it is financially much can afford. Natural resources are thus in a forgotten corner edge.

    Gold and silver are seen as currency, as money and not as natural elements of earth, trace elements that living creatures need.

    Gold is successively stacked in vaults in banks. Let us unless expensive precious metal is also a necessary trace element in our diets and regarded as a natural medicine.


    The Micro Silver Bullet.

    A scientifically Documented Answer to

    The Three Largest Epidemic in the World

    Lyme Disease

    Aids Virus

    Yeast Infection

    (and the Common Cold)

    Dr. M. Paul Farber.


    Colloidal Silver Antibiotic Superhero

    Johnny Silver Seed.


    Colloidal Silver Today

    The All-Natural Wide Spectrum

    Germ Killer

    Warren Jefferson.


    Silver Colloids

    Do they Work?

    Ronald J. Gibbs.


    For information or purchase CG and CZ you may mail to iellens@freeler.nl

    By Irma Ellen Maat.

    This article is both Spiegelbeeld in January 2009 as Frontier in January / February 2009 published.

    Editors Note:

    On maximinerals.nl more about colloidal silver and the web site of colloidal silver you can order.

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    “How is freedom measured, in individuals as in nations? By the resistance which has to be overcome, by the effort it costs to stay aloft. One would have to seek the highest type of free man where the greatest resistance is constantly being overcome: five steps from tyranny, near the threshold of the danger of servitude.”

    Friedrich Nietzsche

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