1958, inspired by a science fiction story, Patrick Flanagan invented the Neurophone at the age of 14.
The instrument encodes an audio-signal into an ultrasonic wave which is fed through the skin into the body. A specific gland in the ear, the Sacculum, can pick this ultrasonic signal up and transforms it into an audio signal.
Through the touch of an electrode at any fleshy part of the body, say the calves at the legs, the person can clearly hear, say music, while for bystanders nothing is audible.


Students are able to nearly double their learning capacity by using the Neurophone., The students did not show the typical brain-wave stress signals when tested and asked to translate. This indicates that the information transmitted has a direct link quality to the brain.

An advanced version of this technique is used by government agencies for the wireless transmission of signals directly into the ear of the target.
In this way single/multiple targeted person/s can receive audio messages without anything attached to the target's body.
It can be used to give the impression of receiving channeled/spiritual information...

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