Lyme, an alternative protocol

This may be important information for those with Chronic Lyme or who have no insurance and no way to pay for conventional Lyme treatment. Always, if you can, see a Lyme literate physician.

That being said, I would get a good diagnosis and treat myself as many with chronic Lyme do.

I have a close friend who has had chronic Lyme for over 20 years without knowing it. He remembers having a bull’s eye rash many years ago followed by flu like symptoms that resolved. Currently he sees a Naturopathic Medical Doctor who is Lyme literate. He has been treated extensively with IV therapy yet the disease persists even though his last IV treatments did him well for just over 2 years.

His doctor, who is Lyme literate and spends much time attending seminars and treating Lyme patients has started to use a new protocol to dissolve the Lyme cyst that is the cause of chronic Lyme. Destroying the cyst has always been the main issue with treating chronic Lyme, as it is believed that the cysts are buried deep in tendons and other dense tissues and literally hides from treatments. As far as they know no antibiotic has been able to penetrate the cyst so long antibiotic therapies have been required to keep killing the spirochete until all the cysts deteriorate on their own. This has proven to be years for some and for others no cure has been possible.

The new protocol to dissolve the cysts follows and must be done in a very specific way and can be used in conjunction with other Lyme treatments, including conventional antibiotics.

My neighbor’s recent flair of Lyme was not nearly as severe as his previous episode so they decided to treat at home without IVs. They used Samento Tincture, (TAO free), Lyme Nosode, (a homeopathic preparation), and Colloidal Silver. The new part of the protocol that breaks open the cyst is high-powered digestive enzymes. It is essential to destroy the cyst then hit it hard with your antibiotic or whatever antimicrobial treatment you are using to kill the bacteria as soon as they pour out of the cyst and before they can form new cysts. If cysts remain in the body eventually they will break open and your infection starts to surge again as the microbes spill out and start replicating and forming new cysts.

This treatment has been effective for him this time around. I have not been able, nor his physician to get him to continue with this for long term. He gets sick of doing treatments. After about a week of treatment the herx reactions abated. I would think that doing the enzymes on a routine basis with an antimicrobial will eventually get all the cysts and prevent new ones from forming and further episodes of acute illness. I think it could take quite a while and it would be difficult to know exactly when to stop without an accurate diagnostic tool.

The doctor that prescribed this treatment for him uses a dark field live blood analysis microscope to diagnose the cyst and I have seen the photos of them. He is now 10 months post his last treatment protocol and he is doing well.

A couple of months ago I had the opportunity to meet my friends doctor. His name is Dr West of the in Pocatello, Idaho. He seemed delighted and enthused to tell me what he has discovered about Lyme though his practice. As I said, he has a dark field live blood analysis microscope in his office. This test is non-billable through insurance because the device is not FDA approved for diagnostics.

He showed me many photos of the Lyme spirochete and how it is affected by the use of antibiotic drugs. The drugs actually push the organism to change forms. Eventually it goes into what is called the cyst form that is initially started when the spirochete literally grabs its tail and forms a circle. In time it encapsulates itself and within this cyst reproduction ensues. I saw photos from more advanced electron microscopes that showed the cyst loaded with smaller spirochetes.

Doctor West told me that Dark Field Live Blood Analysis is the only form of diagnosis that is reliable for Lyme. Many false negatives are obtained from the other tests as the immune system fluctuates in its ability to fight the microbes and in so doing the antigens that come from this fight fluctuate. Sometimes they are there and sometimes they are not. For some patients many tests were required to pick up on the antigens and then when they do the question always remains, was the test right in light of all the previous negatives.

I saw slides that presented up to 20 cysts in one sample under the scope. After a series of treatments the cysts had been reduced to only 2 or 3. Eventually that patient cured.

It is interesting to note that some Lyme Literate doctors still do not believe that there is cyst formation in Lyme disease. I have seen photos of the cyst with two different advanced microscopes. The photo of the cyst from the electron microscope clearly showed spirochetes inside the cyst. It is time for these doctors to wake up and look at the evidence. Find the research by Professor Robert W Bradford and Henry W Allen, The article is entitled "Lyme Disease, Potential Plague of the 21stCentury. Detection Problems Resolved by Imaging with the Bradford Variable Projection High Resolution Microscope" – copy write Bradford Research Institute. The article can be found in the Townsend Letter for Doctors & Patients - January 2005

Often co-infections reside with Lyme disease. I cannot speak about co-infections at this time. I do know that traditional antibiotics sometimes cure co-infections, often they do not. Some Lyme cases do not present with co-infections. Some people are also immune to Lyme disease. They neither carry it nor get sick from it. Now to find out what they have that the rest of the people do not would be something!

The core of the home treatment is TAO free Samento, colloidal silver and a strong enzyme product.

I suspect that MMS may be substituted for the colloidal silver and Samento.

When MMS was discussed instead of using Samento or colloidal silver my friend called his physician to ask about the possibility. His physician looked into MMS and found it to be the same chemical that he uses to treat Lyme via IV application, except in that application it remains sodium chlorite and is not activated to chlorine dioxide. He had not yet heard of the oral applications of sodium chlorite/chlorine dioxide and he decided after reading information on it that it probably would work just as well as the Samento in conjunction with the enzyme therapy. He told my friend to go ahead and try it. By the time this recommendation was made my friend had been on the samento/colloidal silver for about one week. He did the last few days of treatment with MMS and enzymes, although the herx phase of his treatment had already passed so it was difficult to assess what happened with the MMS.

What is known is that mms is a powerful anti-microbial and anti-parasitic and is especially powerful in blood born disease. Because many people have used MMS to try to treat their Lyme and have found it partially effective, in other words reduction of symptoms and increase of strength, I would assume that it could work. The downfall with MMS, as with so many other Lyme treatments, is that it does not beak open the cyst.

The enzyme part of the protocol is essential and cannot be bypassed. I suspect that some other enzyme products may also dissolve the cyst including Serrapeptase but at this time I have no antidotal evidence.

The Enzyme product Dr West uses is called Marcozyme from Marco Pharma Int.
Roseburg, Oregon 97470

I do not know the cost of this product.

They are very high powered enzymes and one dose for Lyme, 5 capsules/tablets equals:
Amalayse 27,500 usp
Protease 26,500 usp
Lipase 5,700 usp

These are very high dosages of enzymes and I think you may need physician assistance or someone licensed such as a nurse to help you purchase this product directly from them. But there is nothing to stop you from finding another similar product with a good reputation and taking enough to match the dosage. A product called called Nutriteck Poly Enzyme Plus should be able to do the work. Make sure what ever product you choose that the dosage you take at least covers the dosage I listed above for each dose you take. The Marcozyme product has been doctor recommended and if I could I would stick with that because it has been tested in this application. but this is a powder formula and I think I would prefer a capsule for ease of use and transportability.

Do not take these enzyme products if you have gastritis or ulcers. Heal that condition first.

These enzymes are for dissolving the cyst and it is essential to come in and take exactly one hour after taking the enzymes your antimicrobial or antibiotic to clean up all the pathogens that have been released from the digested cyst.

The protocol is to take no food for 2 hours.
Take 5 enzyme pills (of Marcozyme, dosage may be different with another product), which deliver the above stated amount of enzymes.
Wait one hour – set a timer.
Take samento or mms
If using only samento take your colloidal silver now also.
Do this twice a day.
Do not eat for two hours after the enzymes. Set a timer again.
You want these enzymes to be circulating in your blood not digesting your last meal.

Use the samento tincture with the colloidal silver or use the MMS for killing the bacteria that the cyst will release when it is broken.

For samento tincture: start with two drops in a little water. If your microbe load is large you may feel sick after taking it. This is a detox. Take 2 drops for your next dose if you tolerated the first OK. As you become able to tolerate your dosage increase by one drop with each dose. If you can't tolerate a dosage increase do not do it. Take the last dosage that you could reasonably tolerate. Work up to 15 drops two times a day one hour after the enzymes. If you are using samento this is also the time to take the colloidal silver. Take at least one ounce of colloidal silver.

ASAP and Mesosilver are two products that naturopaths tend to carry. NutraSilver is another good choice and it is the product of choice by those MDs who treat Morgellon’s disease due to its powerful action.

To learn about the new protocol applications for MMS go to
Three doses a day are no longer recommended as per the original protocol. Smaller more frequent dosages are tolerated better and seem to work well. For Lyme I would increase as described for the Samento, as tolerated, up to 15 drops for your two dosages a day preceded by enzymes. You should take more MMS though the day as it is pretty clear that MMS is only active in the body for no more than two hours. I would want MMS in the body continually even if it was a smaller dose like 4 or 6 drops every two hours, but continue to work up in dosage for those doses that are preceded by enzymes. No definitive protocol with MMS for Lyme has yet been developed. Many people are currently working on it. Many people who use MMS herx pretty strongly with just a couple of drops. Others work up to 15 drops rather quickly. It is unclear if it is just the Lyme creating the herx or if there are other variable toxic issues the MMS is also clearing that any individual may have that is coinciding with their Lyme. MMS may be the medicine of choice if you are really financially strapped, as it is much less expensive than samento tincture and Colloidal Silver.