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Thread: Internet Medicines?

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    Internet Medicines?

    How many of you consider Internet medicines trustworthy? There are many who consider it deceiving. Do you prefer it over your Pharmacist prescription?

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    Probationary UHF Member Wren's Avatar
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    Re: Internet Medicines?

    I'd sooner send them a bounced check that was stolen from someone being tracked by the police so they would get their door kicked in and arrested by a swat team than show even an inkling of trust for those dirty thieves.

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    Re: Internet Medicines?

    Sound healing is a therapy that basically uses different sound frequencies to treat the bodies and minds of people to bring them to a state of harmony. It is the use of vibrations to relax your mind and body. This can be anywhere from the emergency sirens on the street, air conditioners in our homes, construction noises while at work, or cell phones ringing constantly. All of these aspects affect the stress levels of our bodies.This process of replacing disharmonious frequencies with a steady one stimulates the sympathetic vibration into the body, to relieve stress-like conditions.

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