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Thread: Crystal 528 Healing Sounds

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    Crystal 528 Healing Sounds

    A number of really remarkable 528 crystal bowl healing videos.

    I sooo want to be in that water!


    Crystalized Ahava528 Water

    528 Sound Healing in Jerusalem Blue Crystal Water Cave

    528 Solfeggio Water Crystal Bowls.mov

    Crystal Bowl Choir

    You know they are listening to you but they can't hear you.

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    Re: Crystal 528 Healing Sounds

    Although sound healing is not melodic in the western sense, it is healing to our body and minds; some believe down to the cellular level. In addition to helping with many chronic and acute illnesses, some believe that these ancient healing tones can help with stress disorder. It provides peace to our mind by using the method, Now it becomes more popular and doctors always suggest that method.

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