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Thread: Black Salve (Cancema) now banned in Australia

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    Black Salve (Cancema) now banned in Australia

    Just want to keep people informed in alternative heath world on the evils of big phrama!



    Dear Tony,

    Unfortunately the government has now banned Black Salve in Australia. Anyone supplying or selling it faces prosecution and severe penalties. Their reason for this is clear to all thinking people: it works. It eliminates skin cancers safely and cuts out some of the most powerful organisations on Earth -- Big Pharma and Big Medicine, and they own governments worldwide.

    We think this is outrageous and if you agree, sign the petition on our website.

    Black Salve can still be purchased overseas, but we cannot guarantee the quality, and Australian Customs may refuse entry. If you are overseas we recommend that you shun the US company, Alpha Omega Labs. They supply it, but we don't trust them.

    If you can't get it, you can make it yourself. Instructions are in the ONE ANSWER TO CANCER DVD. Warning: Please be sure to follow the instructions precisely.

    You can find the ingredients here.

    Click for the latest ONE ANSWER TO CANCER MOVIE public screening.

    Yours in good health,

    You know they are listening to you but they can't hear you.

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    Re: Black Salve (Cancema) now banned in Australia

    I used Black Salve a few years ago on my Rottweiler who had a bone tumor/cancer on his shoulder. It was then only available for animals, that would have 6-7 years ago. I tried to buy some a few months back as we have a 26yo grey horse with a large tumor on his bum (why are they always there on grey horses ??)
    Of course I couldn't get it, and anyone who knew ANYTHING about it wasn't answering me. I bought some on ebay coming in from the US. It was a 1 oz container with everything in it except Zinc Oxide. Don't know if I was just lucky to get it in. It is labelled Bloodroot Black Salve.
    There is another treatment which they haven't managed to kill off yet. It's a little weed called Milkweed, apparently very effective. I think most people will know what I mean, it's a small, delicate plant that exudes a milky sap, and it is the sap you put on the skin cancer.
    There is another plant in Australia called Devil's Apple. It was used in a very successful salve called Curaderma. It grows/grew in Queensland. When the salve became so successful, it was of course banned, and then council workers were told to get out and spray it. It MIGHT still survive out there. The plant was used by the Australian Aboriginals. There are pictures of it on the web.
    Then of course, Dr Simoncini. An Italian oncologist has treated 25,000 people with many forms of cancer. He is on the net, and his treatment is Bicarbonate of Soda.
    Theory behind this is that cancer cannot live in an alkaline system, and BiCarb changes your blood chemistry. Easy to find him through google.

    Another WARNING.
    It is getting very hard to get Homeopathics in Australia now. Seems this one of the TGA's latest campaigns. IF you use Homeopathy, buy what you need now while there is still a chance to get it, and also learn how to make higher potencies from the ones you have left.

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