Darryl Mason
Friday, January 8th, 2010

The future is now….that super-weird science fiction future where flying killer robot insects can undertake missions that humans with a steady hand and a sniper rifle once had to take care of :

The Air Force Research Laboratory set out in 2008 to build the ultimate assassination robot : a tiny, armed drone for U.S. special forces to employ in terminating “high-value targets.” The military won’t say exactly what happened to this Project Anubis, named after a jackal-headed god of the dead in Egyptian mythology. But military budget documents note that Air Force engineers were successful in “develop[ing] a Micro-Air Vehicle (MAV) with innovative seeker/tracking sensor algorithms that can engage maneuvering high-value targets.”
It might seem limited compared to larger craft, but the Wasp excels at close-in reconnaissance. Its quiet electric motor means it can get near to targets without their ever being aware of its presence.

The Air Force’s 2008 budget plans described the planned Project Anubis as “a small UAV [unmanned aerial vehicle] that carries sensors, data links, and a munitions payload to engage time-sensitive fleeting targets in complex environments.” It noted that after it was developed by the Air Force Research Laboratory, Anubis would be used by Air Force Special Operations Command. The total cost was to be just over half a million dollars.

According to the budget, $1.75 million was spent to reach the goal.
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Anubis, an Egyptian god of the dead, who dealt with mummification and getting the dead through to the afterlife :