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Thread: Woman, 61, arrested for asking ‘why’

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    Woman, 61, arrested for asking ‘why’

    Rhonda Cook
    The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
    Monday, February 22, 2010

    Four women, two of them well into middle age, were discussing funeral plans for a friend when an Atlanta police officer told them to move.

    Three did but one asked “why.” In answer to her question, Minnie Carey, then 61, was handcuffed, put into a police wagon and taken to jail, where she was held for nine hours.

    The Citizen Review Board found that Atlanta Police officer Brandy Dolson had violated APD policies and had falsely arrested Carey.

    “I was blown away,” Carey told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “I had heard about people in the community being harassed by the police … It really didn’t shock me as much as it probably would have if I had not heard of people going to jail for no reason. I figured I was just another one.

    “But I had the right to ask ‘why’ I had to move,” she said.

    The Citizen Review Board – resurrected after the 2006 fatal police shooting of 92-year-old Kathryn Johnston in her home – voted in a recent meeting to sustain Carey’s false arrest claim and the allegation that the officer had violated the department’s arrest policies.

    “This case will illustrate to the public how OPS [Office of Professional Standards] responds [to allegations of police misconduct] … There have been some concerns that OPS has not sustained complaints,” said Seth Kirschenbaum, an attorney who is vice-chairman of the board.

    Full story here.


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    Re: Woman, 61, arrested for asking ‘why’

    Man , this pisses me off! This is so messed up.

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