Being concerned about the move towards global government means you’re mentally ill and also probably a terrorist

Paul Joseph Watson
Tuesday, February 23, 2010

In another lame effort to demonize anyone concerned about the move towards global government as it is openly announced as some kind of domestic terrorist, Financial Times chief foreign affairs correspondent Gideon Rachman compares Austin radio show host Alex Jones with Oklahoma City bomber and mass murderer of 168 people, Timothy McVeigh.

From the outset, Rachman makes it clear that he’s attempting to replicate the interest shown in his previous brush with “conspiracy theorists,” which occurred back in December 2008 when Rachman penned a diatribe promoting the move towards an anti-democratic global government, but then in a subsequent piece feigned shock when he was challenged on his advocacy of such an insidious concept.

Writing propagandistic drivel aimed at toffs sipping chilled Sancerre in their Chelsea swank pads for the Bilderberg-owned Financial Times obviously has its duller moments, because Rachman is back for a second bite at the cherry.

“The common thread, I think, is that my world government piece was picked up by the loony right in America as grist for their conspiracy theory that there is a secret plot to create a world government and to deprive Americans of their freedom,” writes Rachman, before noting that Alex Jones repeatedly tried to interview him for his radio broadcast. Rachman can’t even get the name of the show right – calling it “Prison Planet,” which of course is a website and not a radio broadcast.

Rachman’s characterization of “a secret plot to create a world government and to deprive Americans of their freedom” as a belief of the “loony right in America” must mean that Rachman too is a member of that “loony” brigade, because his own article concedes that “everything is in place” for a world government to formally come into being. Not only that, Rachman admits that such a system would only work if it was “anti-democratic” in nature.

So we have the outlandish spectacle of Rachman writing of the near inevitability of an anti-democratic global government coming into existence, but then denouncing those who think that an anti-democratic global government will come into existence as mentally ill.

No, you haven’t just entered the twilight zone, this is the world of Orwellian newspeak, where all logic has been demolished and replaced with the absurd notion that the move towards global government only exists if you say it’s a good thing. If you have concerns about an anti-democratic force crushing sovereignty and imposing centralized dictatorial power, then you’re definitely psychotic and also probably a terrorist.

Rachman goes on to equate Alex Jones with domestic terrorist, Oklahoma City bomber and federal government stooge Timothy McVeigh, in one of the laziest guilt-by-association slapdash smears we’ve witnessed for a long time.

“Like the Oklahoma bomber, Timothy McVeigh, Jones was radicalised by the FBI’s bloody assault on the Branch Davidian religious sect in Waco, Texas in 1993. In fact it seems to me that there is a thin, but direct line of anti-government paranoia that leads you from Jones to Beck to the Tea Party movement that is now such a powerful force in US polities. Or does that sound like a conspiracy theory?” writes Rachman.

Apparently, just writing the words “like the…” and then inserting the name of a mass murderer instantly proves that the target of your smear is evil incarnate.

The use of the word “radicalised” creates the sense that Jones is an extremist hell bent on exacting bloody revenge in the same manner as McVeigh, when in reality “pissed off” would be more appropriate. Anyone who wasn’t pissed off when the feds burned 76 people, including more than 20 children, to death, really would have to subscribe to a “radical” belief system, wherein state assassination is no big deal.

We’ll leave the final word on Rachman’s smear to one of the respondents to his article, nearly all of whom savage the FInancial Times writer for his sophomoric and simplistic treatment of deadly serious issues.

As a worker in finance for 15 years working at top investment banks in London, NY and Asia. A Military officer before that. I have to say that Alex Jones is correct only 95% of the time. The 5% he gets wrong turns out to manifest itself far beyond what he has predicted. Nobody is perfect.

He and his regular guests predicated the global financial crisis in Sept 2008 a full month before it happened citing the deliberate controlled demolition of the economy. Very useful information in the world of finance.

Now, my rational accounting university educated head would say that he merely a crank and a fear monger that got it correct. But, being an Analyst (taking facts and making judgement on the facts alone) it took a long time to to see, and then try to deny the truth that thus guy speaks on a budget of nothing. Alex Jones predicted September the 11th months in advance of it happening. The imminent sovereign debt default of the so-called PIIGS and the death of the dollar.

This track record can not be ignored in the world of finance. The imminent sovereign debt collapse was planned in order to bring about changes towards a one world government. We are seeing it now with central bankers meeting in secret in Australia.

On the other hand, Glenn Beck is a diversionary dressmakers’ dummy upon which the ersatz message of the right wing media is scripted out in an increasingly palpable counterfeit manner. One week he’s for something, the next he’s against it. It’s a mind numbingly confusing ploy that only serves to nullify the important topic under discussion.

Glenn beck still thinks that people believe the left-right paradigm of politics, whereas Jones says this is not so. It’s up and down, black and white, yin and yang, good and bad – in everyone and everything.

The problems we face today are founded upon the fact that the corrupt dark side of humanity have taken control of our institutions.

Your assumption of “anti government stemming from Jones to Beck to the Tea Party movement” is incorrect. The tea party was started by the 9/11 truth movement and Congressman Ron Paul was the acclaimed leader until it was hijacked by Glenn Beck and the Neo Conservatives but there is a revolt against Beck and he has, according to recent radio ratings has lost 12% of listeners in the last week alone, with advertising revenue decreasing by the day.

Maybe you should watch Alex jone’s documentaries. (they are free on youtube and google) They are depressingly chilling because he tells the story in the elites’ own words and actions. The same elites that are in control of our very own institutions.

Even more chillingly, no one has actually refuted his claims other than usual bellows from commentators of “He’s just a Conspiracy Theorist”. But in reality he’s merely a researcher and filmmaker.
As for the tea party movement, there is no centralised leadership that can be coaxed and manipulated into the political framework of DC. And this worries the politico’s with the rise of personalities such as Debra Medina in Texas running for Governor. This worries the Neo Conservatives and they have used Beck to dishevel Medina by saying she was a 9/11 truther – they have now realised that they are promoting her cause when they say this because over 70% of the population don’t believe the official government account of 9/11.

The Tea party movement is a peaceful non-conformist rebellion against a corrupt government and banking system (Jon Talbots’ words – Ex- treasury sec, US) and while I may not agree with everything they have to say, I will strive in every respect to protect their right to say what they want – maybe you should too instead of creating your own construct of the brave new world in order to condition opinion by way of linking Jones to terrorists and tea party members to Glenn Beck with the common purpose of creating anarchy when the true intention is to just remove the corrupt segments of society peacefully and economically.

I’d then certainly consider subscribing and pay for the truth on instead of being forced to go to 95% correct conspiracy theorist, Alex Jone’s for my daily dosage of intelligence that the mainstream news fails to deliver.