“I’m going to hold people like Dennis Kucinich responsible for the 40,000 Americans that die each year from a lack of health care.”

Steve Watson
Wednesday, March 10th, 2010

The founder of the influential left leaning blog, The Daily Kos, has slammed Democratic Congressman Dennis Kucinich for sticking to his principles and refusing to tow the party line on government run health care.

Markos Moulitsas fiercely criticized the Ohio representative’s threat to vote against the health care reform bill, adding that Kucinich should be subject to a primary challenge as a result.

“God knows it’s taken us a long time to even get our toe in the door. … If somebody like Kucinich wants to block that, I find that completely reprehensible.” Moulitsas told MSNBC’s Countdown last night.

Earlier in the week, Kucinich had appeared on the same program, taking the opportunity to make it clear that he is willing to effectively kill the health care reform by voting against it, calling the bill a “bailout for private insurers”.

“This bill represents a giveaway to the insurance industry,” Kucinich said. “$70 billion dollars a year, and no guarantees of any control over premiums, forcing people to buy private insurance, five consecutive years of double-digit premium increases.”

Kucinich stated that even if it meant he had the deciding vote in the House, he would oppose the legislation.

“If that sounded like a no, you’re correct,” the Congressman told guest host Lawrence O’Donnell, describing the proposed reform as akin to “building on sand.”

Moulitsas of the Daily Kos called Kucinich’s stance “a very Ralph Nader-esque approach to politics”:

“Ralph Nader paved the way for eight years of George Bush,” Moulitsas stated. “I’m going to hold people like Dennis Kucinich responsible for the 40,000 Americans that die each year from a lack of health care.”

“I don’t think he gets a pass. I don’t care what his excuse is… He’s not elected to grandstand and to give us his ideal utopian society… He’s not representing the uninsured constituents in his district by pretending to take the high ground here.” Moulitsas added.

“What he is doing is undermining this reform,” he added. “He is making common cause with Republicans. And I think that is a perfect excuse and a rational one for a primary challenge.” the blogger said.

Moulitsas then personally attacked Kucinich, whom he has long sought to demonize in the eyes of his so called liberal readers, claiming “He used his 2004 run for president to score dates. Luckily, he’s married this time around so we’ll be spared that pathetic display of desperation.”

Watch the video:

Presumably Moulitsas would like to see a bought and paid for corporate Democrat take Kucinich’s seat in the House, someone who has greased their way up the party pole and long left behind any principles or interest in what is best for the good of the American people, as opposed to the giant corporations running the health care industry.

It is no surprise to see Moulitsas or “Kos” as he is otherwise known, shilling for the controlled left once more. He is an admitted former intelligence operativewho considers the CIA “a very liberal institution”.

Infowars writer Kurt Nimmo hit the nail on the head in a 2007 piece on Moulitsas, noting:

Moulitsas’ relationship with the CIA makes perfect sense, as Daily Kos appears to be yet another political front operation tasked with cracking the whip over “progressive” Democrats and marching them off to support the Bilderberger Queen Hillary Clinton and her probable running mate, Barack Obama, both on record as supporting the neocon plan to reduce the Muslim world to a smoldering wasteland, albeit with stylistic policy changes. It is no secret the CIA has long stage managed the controlled opposition and Moulitsas’ admitted relationship with the agency should be considered a coup de grâce, an effort designed to reduce the “progressive” Democrat opposition to the invasion and occupation of Iraq and the impending attack to be leveled against Iran as little more than an empty and absurd rhetorical slogan.