Tobacco Firms concealed polonium in cigarettes

March 27, 2010

Some of the world's largest cigarette manufacturers know, on the basis of own research for decades that their product also contains the deadly radioactive polonium, but kept it quiet all this time.

LONDON (AP)-The report in The Independent on Sunday. That very harmful tar and nicotine by-products of the cigarette, has long been known and is the driving force to the major anti-smoking campaign, as the figures show, are successful and people to bring the cigarette to give up. In the September issue of the journal American Journal of Public Health states that in addition to health-threatening substances, something is very amiss in the cigarette namely polonium-210.

This is a substance known to them can cause lung cancer, and as such globally responsible for about 11,700 deaths. How dangerous is the same polonium, also appeared several years ago in London where the (presumably by the Russian secret services) was used to poison dissident Alexander Litvinenko. Polonium is found in tobacco leaves and is part of the chemical structure of the tobacco from which cigarettes are made.

According to researchers as Monique Mugli of the Mayo Clinic in the U.S. state of Minnesota shows more than 1,500 internal documents of the major multinational tobacco companies based on their own research for decades aware of the presence of polonium and its dangers.

"Where the tobacco lobby in other disputes about the dangers of smoking tried to sow doubt, was the existence of polonium 210 and the associated risks simply suppressed," said Mugli. This fear that the disclosure of facts that would lead to processes. Or, to use one of those notes to speak, "not to wake sleeping giants".

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