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Thread: TSA Groping Out Of Control

  1. #111

    Mythbusters’ Adam Savage: TSA Scanner Missed my Foot-Long Razor Blades

    Eyeblast TV
    Nov 24, 2010

    The famous Mythbuster tells an audience that despite going through a full body scanner he accidentally made it on a plane with 12 inch razor blades.


  2. #112

    Woman: TSA Agents Singled Me Out For My Breasts

    Click Orlando
    Nov 24, 2010

    ORLANDO, Fla. — The head of the Transportation Security Administration said the agency will look further into allegations that two male TSA workers picked a woman for additional screening because of her breasts.

    Eliana Sutherland recently flew from Orlando International Airport and told Local 6 she felt the two male TSA workers were staring at her breasts and chose her for additional screening because of their size.

    “It was pretty obvious. One of the guys that was staring me up and down was the one who pulled me over,” said Sutherland. “Not a comfortable feeling.”

    Experiences like Sutherland’s have been reported across the country, leaving many people to join a group planning to boycott the TSA’s new full body scan in an effort to clog security lines on the day before Thanksgiving. Whether it’s pat-downs or full-body scans, the changes are making some people question who gets chosen and why.

    Full article here


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    Intrusive TSA screenings increase chances of terrorist attack

    George Berkin
    NJ Voices
    Nov 24, 2010

    As TSA employees screen airline passengers in the name of security, we’ve all seen the horror stories: children and elderly groped, people forced to remove prosthetic body parts, government employees looking inside the underwear of strangers.

    Unfortunately, the intrusive procedures being practiced are increasing the chances of a successful terrorist attack, rather than decreasing them.

    Why? Because instead of using common sense to keep potential terrorists off airplanes, TSA employees are concentrating on doing their “one size fits all” procedures by the book. The result is a pretend solution that gives the appearance that the TSA is “doing something” – but without any real increase in security.

    Not without irony, it is the very intrusiveness that gives a false sense of security. After all, someone might reason, they wouldn’t make us go through such a serious violation of our civil rights unless it were really necessary to ensure our safety. Employing this pretend solution also postpones the day for a real solution to a real problem.

    Full article here


  4. #114

    Chris Matthews Invokes Terror Attack To Blame TSA Resistance

    Wednesday, November 24, 2010

    Mediaite: Chris Matthews certainly seems less upset about the new TSA measures than a lot of the folks we’ve heard from. Instead, he thinks the Right has been “ginning up” the controversy and that the alternate would be worse, imagining the reaction “five minutes” after a terrorist attack if the Obama administration hadn’t set up strict security measures.


  5. #115

    TSA Can Photograph Your Naked Body But Photograping Your Own Wife’s Grope Down Is “Against The Rules”

    Andy Greenberg
    Wednesday, November 24, 2010

    My wife and I arrived at the airport for our annual Thanksgiving pilgrimage Tuesday evening, and like millions of others, came face-to-face with the TSA’s upgraded security measures. I breezed through; My wife, who apparently looks far more dangerous than I do, was pulled aside for a pat-down.

    Her frisker was very polite and the procedure was barely invasive, if a bit more aggressive than in the past. But while she was being systematically searched from head to toe, I pulled out my BlackBerry to take some pictures and record a souvenir of the Great Gropefest of 2010. Within seconds I was being shouted at sternly by another TSA agent, who told me that “either you stop taking pictures, or I take your camera.” When I asked him why I couldn’t take photos of my wife in a public place, he said that it was “against the rules.”

    The right to photography at TSA checkpoints matters: I was mostly hoping to show my wife her ridiculous facial expressions as she received “love pats” from a stranger. Others might hope to document real TSA abuses, or point out dangerous vulnerabilities in its security measures.

    And it seems that some have had it far worse than I did: *Security researcher Robert Graham, of Atlanta-based Errata Security, wrote on the company’s blog Wednesday that he was detained for thirty minutes after taking pictures of the full-body scanners at a checkpoint. After having his possessions taken from him and talking to several agents, one of whom forced him to delete one photograph (seemingly at random) he was let go. He describes one piece of his conversations as follows.

    TSA: Don’t you have normal operating procedures at your work?
    Me: Yes.
    TSA: How would you like it if somebody came to your work and disrupted your procedures? How would you like it if people took pictures of you at your work?
    Me: I don’t work for the government. Government agencies need to be accountable to the public, and therefore suffer disruptions like this.
    TSA: Not all parts of the government are accountable to the public, especially the TSA.
    Me: Wow. No, ALL parts of the government are accountable to the people, especially the TSA. I’m not sure what type of country you think we live in.

    Full story here.


  6. #116

    CBS: Spooning Your Partner Is More Lethal Than Airport Scanners

    Corporate Media Shills For Radiation Firing Body Scanners

    Steve Watson
    Wednesday, Nov 24th, 2010

    Worried about harmful x-ray firing airport body scanners? Don’t be, everything is just fine. In fact,*hugging your partner in bed*exposes you to more radiation, according to the corporate media.

    In an article consisting of a series of slideshow pictures, CBS News today defends the scanners by suggesting that virtually any activity is more dangerous to your health.

    “Some buildings are made with stone known to emit tiny amounts of radiation.” the piece suggests.

    “Case in point: New York’s landmark train station, Grand Central Terminal. Wait for your train for an hour there, and you might be exposed to about 0.06 millirem, at least six times more than an airport scanner.” the article laughably claims.

    It gets more bizarre as it goes along:

    “Believe it or not, the human body emits radiation. That’s because it metabolizes potassium, and the potassium found in bananas and other foods and water contains radioactive as well as non-radioactive atoms.”

    “One year of bedding down with someone else might expose you to 2 millirems, at least 200 times the dose from an airport scanner.” the piece suggests.

    It is blatantly ludicrous to suggest that lying down next to your partner in bed is more dangerous to your health than firing x-ray radiation directly at your body tissue, yet the corporate media expects the American people to simply swallow this claim without question.

    CBS even suggests that simply walking around minding your own business is potentially more of a risk than the directed bursts of radiation now being fired at air passengers.

    “No matter where you live, you’re exposed to low levels of background radiation – from air, soil, water, and cosmic radiation that bombards the earth from outer space.” the article states.

    Furthermore, by titling the piece “TSA Airport Scanners: Radiation Truths and Lies”, CBS is programming readers to believe that any suggestion that the scanners may be unsafe are outright lies.

    The propaganda piece, which has been preceded by many others like it, does not even attempt to present a balanced debate by detailing the scores of scientists who have gone public with concerns over the devices.

    Dr Michael Love, who runs an X-ray lab at the department of biophysics and biophysical chemistry at the Johns Hopkins school of medicine recently told AFP that “statistically someone is going to get skin cancer from these X-rays”.

    “…we have a situation at the airports where people are so eager to fly that they will risk their lives in this manner,” he added.

    John Sedat, a University of California at San Francisco professor of biochemistry and biophysics and member of the National Academy of Sciences tells CNet that the machines have “mutagenic effects” and will increase the risk of cancer. Sedat previously sent a letter to the White House science Czar John P. Holdren, identifying the specific risk the machines pose to children and the elderly.

    The letter stated:

    “it appears that real independent safety data do not exist… There has not been sufficient review of the intermediate and long-term effects of radiation exposure associated with airport scanners. There is good reason to believe that these scanners will increase the risk of cancer to children and other vulnerable populations.”

    The TSA has repeatedly stated that going through the machines is equal to the radiation encountered during just two minutes of a flight. However, this does not take into account that the scanning machines specifically target only the skin and the muscle tissue immediately beneath.

    The scanners are similar to C-Scans and fire ionizing radiation at those inside which penetrates a few centimeters into the flesh and reflects off the skin to form a naked body image.

    The firing of ionizing radiation at the body effectively “unzips” DNA, according to scientific research by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

    The research shows that even very low doses of X-ray can delay or prevent cellular repair of damaged DNA, yet pregnant women and children will be subjected to the process as new guidelines including scanners are adopted.

    The Inter-Agency Committee on Radiation Safety concluded in their report on the matter that governments must justify the use of the scanners and that a more accurate assessment of the health risks is needed.

    Pregnant women and children should not be subject to scanning, according to the report, adding that governments should consider “other techniques to achieve the same end without the use of ionizing radiation.”

    “The Committee cited the IAEA’s 1996 Basic Safety Standards agreement, drafted over three decades, that protects people from radiation. Frequent exposure to low doses of radiation can lead to cancer and birth defects, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency,” reported Bloomberg.

    Scientists at Columbia University also entered the debate recently, warning that the dose emitted by the naked x-ray devices could be up to 20 times higher than originally estimated, likely contributing to an increase in a common type of skin cancer called basal cell carcinoma which affects the head and neck.

    “If all 800 million people who use airports every year were screened with X-rays then the very small individual risk multiplied by the large number of screened people might imply a potential public health or societal risk. The population risk has the potential to be significant,” said Dr David Brenner, head of Columbia University’s centre for radiological research.

    Despite all these warnings, The Department of Homeland Security claims that the scanners are completely safe, pointing to “independent” verification from the Food and Drug Administration and the National Institute of Standards and Technology, both federal government bodies.


    Steve Watson is the London based writer and editor at Alex Jones’ Infowars.net, and regular contributor to Prisonplanet.com. He has a Masters Degree in International Relations from the School of Politics at The University of Nottingham in England.


  7. #117

    Scandal: TSA Restricts Scanners To Undermine Protest In Crude PR Stunt

    Travelers report AIT devices roped off or not in use as Big Sis plays politics with airport security

    Paul Joseph Watson
    Prison Planet.com
    Wednesday, November 24, 2010

    The TSA turned off many of its naked body scanners across the country today in a hastily crafted PR stunt to mute the national opt out protest against invasive screening procedures, as Big Sis made a mockery of airport security measures that Americans were told were imperative to protect them from terror.

    The day began with the corporate media running stories about how the promised travel delays had failed to materialize, spinning the story by claiming travelers were completely happy with security procedures, implying that the opt out protest had been a failure. An ABC News report (watch above) claimed that the planned demonstrations had “fizzled”.

    In reality, thousands of Americans had boycotted airline travel altogether, with traffic backed up 30 miles on some highways, while those who did use airports were not subjected to naked body scans because the TSA had withdrawn many of the the devices from service in several major airports.

    TSA Press Secretary Nicholas Kimball denied that the agency had instituted a deliberate policy to restrict use of body scanners at airports today, but the Gizmodo website was bombarded with Tweets from eyewitnesses about how the machines were roped off or not in use.

    Travelers also commented that invasive pat downs were also seemingly being kept to a minimum.

    There seems little doubt that TSA workers have been ordered to reduce the invasiveness of pat downs since the controversy really exploded into the national spotlight last week. Threats from lawmakers that TSA screeners who touch people’s genitals could be charged with assault have undoubtedly restricted the number of travelers being subjected to humiliating pat downs.

    But the fact that the use of body scanners seems to have been drastically curtailed for this one day as part of a public relations stunt to provide grist for the corporate media to claim the opt out protest was a failure is a shocking scandal.

    It underscores the fact that the scanners have nothing to do with security and are about the ritual humiliation of Americans, while providing a financial windfall for the government-linked lobbyists behind their widespread introduction.

    While the TSA neurotically insists that their invasive security measures are imperative to protect Americans from terrorists, the fact that the agency crudely halted the policy as a temporary political ruse to undermine today’s national opt out is a damning indictment of the real motivation behind the scanners and the invasive pat down measures.

    While Big Sis constantly bangs the drum in claiming naked body scanners are an indispensable tool in the fight against terror, the TSA is perfectly willing to dispense with them for one day as part of a political points scoring exercise.

    This will undoubtedly backfire and only prove further that the naked body scanners are completely worthless and will in fact kill more Americans from cancer than the amount that they would speculatively save from a terror attack.


    Paul Joseph Watson is the editor and writer for Prison Planet.com. He is the author of Order Out Of Chaos. Watson is also a fill-in host for The Alex Jones Show. Watson has been interviewed by many publications and radio shows, including Vanity Fair and Coast to Coast AM, America’s most listened to late night talk show.


  8. #118

    The TSA and America’s Turning Point

    Nov 25, 2010

    The recently-escalated battle between the American people and the TSA is far more important than it first appears.* The final outcome of this argument will determine whether we still live in a nation “of the people, by the people, for the people”, or whether we have become a soft tyranny where our democratic forms of elections and representatives have been reduced to a meaningless veneer as in the old Soviet Union or Red China.

    The Consent of the Governed

    If America has a single founding principle, it is this: no government has any authority to take any action without the consent of the governed.* Our Founding Fathers did not object to the principle of paying taxes per se; they objected strongly to the idea of being forced to pay taxes to a government where they had no input.* Freedom’s cry was not “No taxation” then, and it isn’t now; it was “No taxation without representation.”* The same goes for any other intrusive regulation.

    The concept of “the consent of the governed” means more than just voting, however.* A hundred years ago, Prohibition was enacted scrupulously according to democratic forms: Congress and then the required number of states passed a constitutional amendment allowing it, and then Congress and the President passed the Volstead Act enforcing it.

    However, events quickly revealed that Prohibition did not have the consent of the governed, or at least a very sizable minority of them: whole sectors of American society insisted on having their booze no matter what the law said.* The end result was vast wealth poured into crime syndicates; eventually Prohibition was repealed with the nation much the worse off for the experience.

    There are many laws on the books today which do not really have the consent of the governed, but the government enforces them with a light touch so as not to provoke a backlash.* Consider speed limits: almost everybody speeds, and the police almost never ticket people for going just a hair over.* You usually have to be speeding by a good bit, and even then, getting caught is relatively rare.* If the police seriously tried to ticket every single speeder, voters would demand that the limits be changed.

    Or so we’ve always assumed – after all, government ultimately answers to the people, doesn’t it?

    The Servant Becomes The Master

    We are about to find out.* There is no question that America is in the midst of a long-overdue revolt against intrusive government on many levels, but the TSA’s indignities and incompetence reach into every middle-class life.* The molestations, porno-scans, and general harassment set off so many warning signals it’s a wonder anyone’s still flying at all.

    The people have made their fury loudly know.* The TSA’s response?* Screw you!

    Janet Napolitano, the Secretary of Homeland Security, said “if people want to travel by some other means,” they have that right – which is perfectly true but entirely beside the point.* The TSA’s chief John Pistole was even more blunt, as the Wall Street Journal reports:

    Faced with growing public criticism of new airport security measures, the head of the Transportation Security Administration has a simple message: They’re necessary, and they’re going to stay for now. The good news for wary travelers is that the TSA has no plans to ratchet up airport screening even further to combat potential threats.
    That’s the good news – that things aren’t going to get any worse, at least for now?* Is this how public servants are supposed to treat the public who are their masters?

    It’s clear that the TSA no longer considers the flying public to be their own higher authority; quite the contrary, they are subjects to be ordered around at a whim and made to do whatever the Powers That Be wish on whatever pretext comes to hand.

    Let’s be clear: neither the new porno-scanners nor the fondling-patdown could have caught the Underwear Bomber, much less a terrorist like the one in Saudi Arabia who shoved the explosives up his butt.* After nearly a decade, the TSA has yet to catch one single terrorist using any of their airport inspections – all the terrorists who’ve been caught, have been caught by intelligence agencies using surveillance and counterintelligence techniques, not goons with gloves and wands.

    So, we have the public being forced to do something they very strongly do not want to do, for no reason at all; they are protesting loudly; and the government blithely blows them off.* Something is very badly wrong here.

    We cannot help but think of German poet Bertold Brecht’s arch observation about a Communist government’s dissatisfaction with its revolting people:

    Would it not be easier
    In that case for the government
    To dissolve the people
    And elect another?
    Which of course is what the Left has tried to do with their repeated calls for illegal-alien amnesty and persistent voting fraud.

    To sum up: we have an arm of the government openly and public committing sexual molestation on protesting innocent Americans, arrogantly proclaiming their intention to continue doing it no matter what, and merrily agreeing that the Constitution is a dead letter:

    Nobody likes to have their 4th Amendment violated going through a security line, but truth of the matter is, we’re gonna have to do it.
    What?* Is that all it takes?* A simple pronouncement of official regret for the passing of our founding documents, and then off we go into total tyranny?

    This conflict with the TSA is merely a skirmish in the far larger ongoing war to determine if there are any limits whatsoever on Big Government, but it’s perhaps the most telling one yet.

    If Americans will permit their wives, children, and themselves, to be sexually molested and openly humiliated in full view of the public by uniformed government operatives – in what still purports to be a representative democracy – then, indeed, they will tolerate anything, and there is little hope for the future.

    This battle must be won, for to lose it means losing everything.


  9. #119

    Deadlier Than Scanners: TSA To Spread Flesh-Eating Bacteria

    Doctors warn of spread of communicable diseases through direct contact with skin; poses far greater risk to public health than statistical chance of being a victim of terrorism

    Paul Joseph Watson
    Prison Planet.com
    Thursday, November 25, 2010

    Now that the TSA’s new pat down procedures include reaching inside people’s clothing and directly touching their skin and genitals, communicable diseases are set to soar, with doctors warning of a new wave of infections that will pose a greater risk to public health than any statistical probability of being a victim of terrorism.

    The TSA’s new pat down procedures threaten to unleash an epidemic of communicable diseases, presenting a threat more deadly than the radiation travelers will be exposed to if they pass through a naked body scanner. This will undoubtedly lead to thousands of deaths of people with weak immune systems in the long term.

    The controversy again highlights the fact that the body scanner and pat down procedures, through the spread of infectious diseases like flesh-eating bacteria, will kill more people than they will protect through the speculative prevention of any terror attack.

    Necrotizing fasciitis, commonly known as flesh-eating bacteria, can be spread from one person to another through close contact or inadvertently touching the wound of a person who is infected. The likelihood of this occurring now that the TSA have been given free reign to directly grope passengers under their clothing has greatly increased. The disease can be spread through contact with weakened skin, like a bruise, blister, or abrasion, or merely through minor openings in the skin such as a paper cut or a pin prick.

    Cases of flesh-eating bacteria are on the increase and the disease has a 20 per cent death rate.

    Syphilis, lice, gonorrhea, ringworm, chlamydia, staph, strep, noro and papilloma viruses are also going to be readily transferred to travelers since TSA agents do not change gloves between each pat down. Now that screeners are literally touching genitalia, the risk of transmitting sexual diseases will skyrocket.

    While people are told to wear flip-flops in the gym or at the swimming pool to prevent infections transmitted via bare feet, the TSA makes people remove their shoes and walk through areas loaded with germs with no protection.

    “There is no doubt that bacteria (staph, strep, v.cholerae etc.) and viruses (noro, enteroviruses, herpes, hepatitis A and papilloma viruses) can be spread by contaminated vinyl or latex gloves,” Dr. Thomas Warner of Wisconsin told World Net Daily.

    A pulmonary critical care physician from Connecticut added, “That doesn’t make sense that they’re not changing gloves.”

    “Anything can be transmitted. If there are open wounds and they [TSA agents] are not aware, there’s syphilis, gonorrhea, herpes, chlamydia, lice, ringworm.”

    “As screening procedures get stricter and more passengers opt for pat-downs instead of graphic X-rays, the likelihood of bacteria being spread increases, Patrick Schlievert, a microbiology and immunology professor at the University of Minnesota Medical School, told MSNBC.

    Charles Gerba, a microbiology professor at the University of Arizona, found norovirus, MRSA and influenza virus on the trays that travelers handle before they are subject to pat downs, while self-checkout kiosks were also loaded with germs from thousands of people pushing the same buttons every day.

    The TSA and the Centers For Disease Control has failed to respond to growing concerns about TSA gropers spreading infectious diseases.

    As we have previously highlighted, the menace of global terrorism has been labeled the greatest threat to western civilization since communism and yet swimming pools, peanuts and lost deer kill more Americans every single year.

    As Ohio State University’s John Mueller concludes in a report entitled A False Sense Of Insecurity, “For all the attention it evokes, terrorism actually causes rather little damage and the likelihood that any individual will become a victim in most places is microscopic.”

    Americans are not only sacrificing their liberty when submitting to invasive and humiliating grope downs at the hands of the TSA, they are in fact putting themselves at a greater health risk statistically of catching a fatal disease than they would ever face from being a victim of terrorism.


    Paul Joseph Watson is the editor and writer for Prison Planet.com. He is the author of Order Out Of Chaos. Watson is also a fill-in host for The Alex Jones Show. Watson has been interviewed by many publications and radio shows, including Vanity Fair and Coast to Coast AM, America’s most listened to late night talk show.


  10. #120

    TSA turns off naked body scanners to avoid opt-out day protests

    Mike Adams
    Natural News
    Nov 25, 2010

    Anticipating a nationwide grassroots surge of protests against naked body scanners and aggressive pat-downs, the TSA simply turned off its naked body scanners on Wednesday and let air travelers walk right through security checkpoints without being X-rayed or molested.

    All across the country, air travelers are reporting that the TSA simply deactivated the naked body scanners and let people go right through without a scan. “Backscatter scanners are off. No scan. No patdown.” reported a traveler from the Seattle airport. “Backscatter machines aren’t being used at LAX,” reported another traveler. “They’re all roped off.”

    Much the same story is being reported all across the country.

    The TSA is desperate to avoid protests

    Shutting down the “National Opt-Out Day” by turning off the machines is the only logical move for the TSA, of course: The agency needed a way to defuse the growing grassroots resistance to its criminal violations of Americans’ Fourth Amendment rights. So instead of facing what was sure to be widespread protest, the agency simply decided to turn off the machines for a day.

    This action tells us all sorts of fascinating things about the TSA and its fabricated security excuses. Perhaps most importantly, it proves that the naked body scanners are not needed for air travel security in the first place. When it wants to, the TSA can just turn the machines off and resort to baggage X-rays and metal detectors. That’s worked for years, and it apparently worked today, too.

    And yet, up until today, the TSA has insisted that the naked body scanners are absolutely essential to detecting hidden bombs, and that “travelers won’t be safe” unless they use the naked body scanners. So all of a sudden today it’s okay for the TSA to put air travelers at risk of being blown up?

    The TSA can’t have it both ways. Either the naked body scanners are vital for air security and they need to be running 24/7 to keep everybody safe, or they’re just another security con game being played out for the financial benefit of Chertoff and others who profit from the sale of such machines.

    How can the TSA — with a straight face — say that naked body scanners are vital for air security but not on the busiest air travel day of the year?

    As you can see, there are some serious holes in the TSA’s mythology, and interestingly, this National Opt-Out Day indirectly exposed them by getting the TSA to turn off the naked body scanners. This is effectively an admission that they aren’t important to air security.

    Trying to avoid any challenge to its power

    This action by the TSA also shows that the TSA is desperately trying to avoid being publicly embarrassed by the national-opt-out day protests. Lots of local and national news film crews were out at the airports today, hoping to catch something interesting on camera. But by turning off the naked body scanners, the TSA was able to stage a “calm looking” day at the airport.

    As soon as the TV cameras leave, however, they can turn those machines right back on and start molesting people once again. This is classic behavior of police state tyrants: They present a calm, professional image to the media, but once the cameras leave, all of a sudden their hands are back down in your pants.

    I predict the TSA will have the machines turned right back on by Friday, and more reports of sexual molestation and inappropriate pat-downs will continue to emerge.

    Many people just skipped the airports altogether

    The other big travel news today was that lots of travelers decided to simply skip the airports altogether. NaturalNews received emails from several travelers who described major U.S. airports as “nearly empty.”

    Meanwhile, traffic was terrible on the freeways. The Massachusetts Turnpike played host to a 30-mile traffic jam today (http://www.thebostonchannel.com/r/2…).

    A new Zogby poll indicates that 43% of the American public will seek alternatives to flying due to the TSA’s aggressive pat-downs and naked body scanners (http://www.zogby.com/news/ReadNews….). That’s going to add up to a huge financial hit for the air travel industry in the months ahead. The TSA could end up destroying much of the air travel industry altogether!

    Learn more about freedom, security, American history and the Bill of Rights

    For a full discussion of the issues that really matter here, check out my new commentary audio / video about the Don’t Touch My Junk song.

    The first 13 minutes or so are about the song itself. After that, it’s mostly a discussion about freedom and the Bill of Rights. You can watch that video commentary for free at:

    Thank you to all who participated in the National Opt Out Day. In getting the TSA to turn off its naked body scanners, we exposed the TSA’s “big lie” about air travel safety.

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving and travel safely, no matter what method of transportation you choose.


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