Former Japanese Finance Minister Shoichi Nakagawa was killed because he was getting ready to tell a lot of secrets to the media, according to Japanese underground sources. Nakagawa was the man who, at a recent G8 meeting, appeared “drunk” at an internationally televised press conference. In fact, he was drugged by the Papa Bush/Federal Reserve crime syndicate because he refused to hand over any more Japanese money.

It is not clear who killed him but, Japan may be about to face a major purge of all the people associated with former Prime Minister Yasuhiro Nakasone and the money distributors around him. They initiated, in cahoots with Ronald Reagan and George Bush Senior, a long term looting and weakening of Japan. The brother of the Emperor is their leader and will also be dealt with if necessary. One more thing, he should stop having sex with the Emperor’s wife.

Meanwhile, there will be a key meeting in Switzerland this week to unlock world finances and begin a major campaign to turn the deserts green and repair the oceans using technology that has been forbidden until now. The Japanese traitors who are trying to block this must stand aside.

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