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44 Ways to Say TSA: What do the initials "TSA" really stand for?

44 ways to say TSA:

Transportation Security Administration
Theatrical Security Agents
Taking Scissors Away
Touching Stuff Aggressively
Too Stupid for Arby's
Trampling Several Amendments
Teaching Submission to Americans
Touching Sensitive Areas
Thousands Standing Around
Testicle Searchers of America
Touch Stroke Assault
Trained Sodomy Administrators
Terrorist Support Agency
Teabag Squeezers of America
Testicles Scanned Aggressively
To Stroke Asses
Terribly Senseless Antics
Trampling Servile Americans
Target Sex Apples
Thousands of Sexual Assaults
Trying to Stop Air travel
To Stoke Anger
Touching Scrotums Always
Thoroughly Screwing America
Thoughtless Slobs Abound
To Screw Anyone
Targeted Sexual Assault
Taking Security Away
Treatment So Asinine
This Sucks Always
Terrorists Satisfied with Aftermath
Tugging Sacks Assiduously
They See All
Torturous Sex Acts
To Serve Al Qaeda
Titillating Sexual Antics
Trains, Suggested Alternative
Totally Screwing Americans
Tight Space Administration
Tawdry Strip Act
Time to Show All
Totally Senseless Aggression
Taxpayer Supported Assault
Typical State Action

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