Cassandra Anderson
October 13, 2009

On Thursday, October 8, 2009, Arnold Schwarzenegger strong armed the California State Legislators to agree to a package to ‘fix’ the state’s aging water system, by threatening to veto over 700 bills on his desk. He has since backed down and called a Special Legislative Session.

Arnold pledged he would not take in special interest money, but he has accepted over $129 million dollars to date.
The parties who will determine the water package are the “Big 5″, which includes Arnold, Karen Bass (D), Derrell Steinberg (D), Sam Blakeslee (R),and Dennis Hollingsworth (R). At this time negotiations are secret and it is unclear whether the Peripheral Canal (with an estimated cost of $8 to $ 14 billion dollars) will be included.

Could this be Agenda 21 Sustainable Development on steroids, regarding the potential financial fiasco and new regulatory committees that will cause California to go on dialysis?

Agenda 21 Sustainable Development is happening in your community, too. Ask any builder whether it is more difficult now to get permits than it was prior to 1992. Ask any local realtor about zoning and land use changes in rural areas. Find out if your major water sources are privatized or owned by the federal government.

No one is demanding accountablility for the federal government’s ‘ownership’ of 48% of California’s usable water; instead, the focus is on collecting more water as opposed to efficiently using what is available.

The Peripheral Canal would siphon water from the Sacramento River and would circumvent the Delta. It appears that the biggest complaint in the Delta is pollution, however, it seems that urban pesticide runoff,agricultural pesticide and artificial fertilizer runoff and up to one billion gallons of partially treated sewage is not being addressed.

Arnold is pushing to have the agreement hammered out within one week. If the Legislators can come to an agreement, the proposed package will then hearings in both state houses, committees and a final vote that will require a 2/3 majority vote.

The voters of California will then be presented with a choice on funding the bonds for the new facilities and/or improvements.

Is Arnold a Populist, dedicated to the citizens’ interests, or is he a collectivist, committed to special interests? To answer that question, you may recall this photo of Arnold with banker Evelyn deRothschild and Warren Buffet:

You may recall Arnold entered into a Public Private Partnership (PPP), with funding from the David and Lucille Packard Foundation, co-funders of the Peripheral Canal report. This PPP is ostensibly to ‘protect’ crucial water supplies. ( (1)

You may recall Arnold pledging that he would not take in special interest money, but he has accepted over $ 129 million dollars to date.

You may recall Arnold:

(1) Click here for a full explanation by Tom Deweese of Public Private Partnerships: