October 18, w009

KAKE 10 and the AP report that state officials in Oklahoma and Kansas are planning an emergency exercise to test interstate coordination in case of a “stop livestock movement” order.

Officials say the exercise will be based on a simulated outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease and will be held on October 22.

Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food and Forestry agents will stop and check traffic on Highway 83 north of Turpin in Oklahoma. A second checkpoint will be at the intersection of Highways 160 and 183 near Sitka, Kansas.

In 2008, an inquiry into the outbreak of foot and mouth disease from a government laboratory in the UK concluded that incompetence and poor facilities were to blame for a leak of the virus. An earlier outbreak of the disease in England was deliberately released by someone who stole a test-tube of the virus from a laboratory in Britain, according to The Sunday Express.

The exercise is not surprisingly funded by the Department of Homeland Security.