Capricorn Horoscope

You're still in an overconfident phase, but you should get a chance today to put your perspective back in balance. You can maintain a spiritual point of view based on the idea that everything is just as it should be. But don't use this line of reasoning as a justification for inaction. Ultimately, working toward your goals will make you feel better, even if you don't see any progress yet

Weekly Love HoroscopeCapricorn Love Foecast for the Week of January 10
Week of January 10th, 2011

Carve out some time for personal pleasure on Thursday and Friday because the mood-setting Moon is traveling through your 5th House of Romance. Luna's passage through sensual Taurus reminds you to make play your top priority. You can catch up on work and your other obligations over the weekend when you'll be more inclined to settle down and take care of business.

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Horoscope by Jeff Jawer
Monthly HoroscopeGeneral
A New Lease on Life
Although your ambitions are equally matched by your willingness to work hard, you have a tricky task before you in setting goals for the year ahead. A Solar Eclipse in calculating Capricorn on January 4 motivates you to think about what you want and what you must do to achieve it.

A trine from seductive Venus on January 4 makes everything look even better. Your choices can have long-lasting consequences, so balance your unrestrained dreams with common sense. If you reach too far, the Sun's square to severe Saturn on January 7 will quickly confront you with serious challenges and demand that you adjust your strategy.

Smart Mercury visits purposeful Capricorn January 13 - February 3, assisting in the orderly execution of your plan. The security-conscious Cancer Full Moon on January 19 shines in your 7th House of Others, creating tension and exposing your vulnerability in relationships. But your key planet, Saturn, begins its five-month retrograde period on January 26, indicating delays along your way to happiness.

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