This link is about Lockheed Martin bribing people to procure contracts

This link is advice and information about the census from Lawful Rebellion.

The UK 2011 Census takes place on the 27th of March. Before then it is vitally important the people be warned about this census.
The ONS (Office for National Statistics) Have contracted Lockheed Martin to run this Census.
Lockheed Martin is the worlds second largest Arms producer. They have been charged with illegally spying on US & UK citizens. They work with the CIA and FBI. In spite of their lengthy crimes against humanity, the ONS assures us that Lockheed are to be trusted with UK census data!

It is illegal for UK intelligence to spy on the population without a warrant, it is not illegal for US intelligence to spy on the UK population, and vice versa.
In the past the US tapped UK phone lines, and the UK tapped US phone lines, the US intelligence then legally passes the information onto the UK, and vice versa. This sort of information gathering happens between many "friendly" countries.

Lockheed Martin also run the Canadian census. It is suspected that the information gathered from the Canadian census was then passed back to Canadian intelligence via the US intelligence services.

Under the US patriot act, the US government has access to ALL information held by all US companies. Lockheed Martin is a US company.
The ONS assures us all that Lockheed will not pass on UK census data!
Given Lockheed's lengthy and well documented total disregard for the law, the ONS have no grounding to make such an assurance!

Lockheed have in the past paid bribes to individuals to secure contracts. Baring this in mind, I think the ONS should be investigated to see if they or any of their staff have received bribes from Lockheed to secure this very lucrative contract.
Lockheed will receive £150 million of UK Tax payers money for their part in this census. But this is nothing compared to what they could receive for the sale of the information.
I have at this stage established that Lockheed Martin have absolutely no social conscience, moral fibre or scruples! They are one of the most disreputable companies in the world. They have had thousands of law suits filed against them, everything from racial discrimination to fraud. But on the whole, they are above the law! they can do what they want in most instances, with no fear of prosecution!

They actually lobbied for the illegal war in Iraq, they have been the main arms suppliers to the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Palestine. This makes them morally responsible for the murder of over a million human beings!
And the ONS tell us out private information is safe with these people!!!! HELLO!!!

It is my belief that the ONS have acted illegally, and with total disregard to the UK populations privacy and safety, by giving this contract to these monsters!

PLEASE share this vid far and wide before the census, the UK citizens need to made made aware of just where their information may be headed!

Aside from Lockheed's involvement, I have detailed other concerns I have in the vid.
I would advise everyone to also read what "Lawful Rebellion" have to say about this census. I have posted their link at the top of the thread.

Backing track "Sleepwalking" by Andrew Hughes and Jackamo


Part 2 of Boycott the census. Looking at the new laws that were brought in in 2007. Especially section 39, subsection 4, which pretty mush says, the police, intelligence services, FBI, CIA and just about anyone else can access you personal census data.
Also looking at the cost and various other things about this census.
This is the link to the gov web site, where you can read section 39 for yourself.
the peoples united Community (Tpuc) Great letter to be sent to the census board from dave Murphy.
Excellent advice from lawful rebellion