Geoff Vasil
November 5, 2009

Tony Blair has been campaigning to be selected as the new leader of the post-Lisbon Treaty European Union. When Swiss police arrested filmmaker Roman Polanski recently, conspiracy buffs had to wonder at the timing. Susan Atkins, a member of the Manson Family who helped murder Polanski’s pregnant wife Sharon Tate in 1969, had just died two days earlier of brain cancer in prison after failing to convince a parole board she posed no further threat to the public. As author Peter Levenda documents in his three-volume work Sinister Forces, the vortex of seemingly coincidental strangeness linking Polanski, Manson, the Kennedys and a host of other famous, infamous and unknown figures also included “Mama” Cass Eliot, whose daughter went on CNN’s Larry King Live just days after Atkins’s death to reveal a childhood filled with drug use and sex abuse. The State of California had been seeking Polanski’s arrest since he fled to France on February 1, 1978 to escape doing jail time for the sexual assault of a minor.

With all old and established conspiracy alarms bells surrounding Polanski and his associations ringing at full tilt, what hasn’t been reported much is that he was working on a film based loosely on Tony Blair at the time of his arrest. A film based on a book which finds the fictionalized Blair character not only sent UK citizens to Guantanamo and black sites for interrogation, a war crime in Europe, but also was recruited by and worked for the US Central Intelligence Agency.

The book, called The Ghost, was written by British author Robert Harris. A thinly-veiled version of Tony Blair, a recently-retired prime minister named Adam Lang hires a ghost-writer to complete an autobiography left unfinished by the last ghost-writer, who died under mysterious circumstances. As the main character reviews material for the project, he uncovers the former PM’s war crimes, finds his wife was a CIA agent and finally concludes, based on information floating around on “conspiracy websites” and conversations with personal contacts, that Lang is a CIA agent as well, although, unlike the war crimes allegations, he can’t prove it.

Harris told the UK Guardian before publication: “The day this appears a writ might come through the door.”

Switzerland’s arrest of Polanski effectively puts the almost-finished film project on hold, pending his extradition to the US or his release. Sources close to the film report most of the actual filming is complete, but it lacks a soundtrack and needs further editing.

Tony Blair has been campaigning to be selected as the new leader of the post-Lisbon Treaty European Union. Switzerland is not officially a member of the EU, although the country does have trade treaties with the bloc, as well as a secret agreement with NATO in contradiction of its self-stated neutral status.