'This is a accurate account of what really happened yesterday in Trafalgar Square by eyewitness accounts by myself and other people that were in the protest. You got a untrue account of the protesters by the mainstream media labelling them as anarchists, drunk yobs and violent troublemakers without substantial proof whatsoever. They show the innocent protesters throwing things at the police as they have been heavily provoked by the police which was never mentioned by the mainstream media. The anarchists that caused the damage of the buildings earlier in the afternoon passed through Trafalgar square about 2 hours ago without stopping at the national gallery side of Trafalgar square.

From the start and till before the storming by the riot police it was all peaceful and in good nature. However about 10-15 minutes before breaking news from Sky news and BBC news, a 80 year old pensioner gets punched in the face by a police officer near the Olympic countdown clock which was never mentioned by the mainstream media, then all of a sudden lots of police officers and riot police came from the left hand side of the national gallery side stormed towards the protesters and started to kettle them from all sides provoking reactions from the innocent 80 year old men getting punched and the protesters getting kettled and stormed by the riot police.

Its worth mentioning that the whole of Trafalgar Square and part of Charing Cross Road which includes the main Station itself were occupied by riot police by all sides was in complete lockdown.'

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