Alex Jones 2011-04-06 Wed...

Alex talks with the former Alaskan pipeline pastor and author Lindsey Williams about rising oil prices and the ongoing turmoil in the Middle East. In December 2010, Williams told Alex that he'd learned from two retired top executives of major oil producers that the price of crude oil would rise to $150-200per barrel. Williams warns that the global elite plan to kill the dollar and bring the once great United States to its knees and reduce it to third world status.

New Information

1. Hillary Clinton had a closed meeting the 'Muslim Brotherhood & the Lybian Rebel Leadership' to pave the way for the NWO Globalist Elites to give them both Egypt & Lybia!

Hillary Clinton told the 'Muslim Brotherhood' that every Middle Eastern Country they overthrow they will be Guaranteed they will have full Control over that Country and their Govt. i.e. Egypt, Lybia, Syria, Bharain, Yemen, etc. The last to fall will be Saudi Arabia.

2. The Royal Families are going to be overthrown and turfed out of the Middle-East and be replaced by the NWO's 'Muslim Brotherhood'!

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