Friday, November 13, 2009 today quotes a Democrat lobbyist who says that cap and trade is on the “back burner” until next year. This story has been picked up by numerous other outlets, creating the impression that we do not need to worry about this nightmare legislation passing the Senate until 2010.

As Alex has warned on many occasions, talking points about legislation having no chance of passing are often used to neutralize grass roots activists and sneak through what would otherwise be drastically opposed legislation.

We should be wise to this by now and not fall for the same trick again and again.

We were told that cap and trade had no chance of passing Congress and it did, so there’s no reason why this couldn’t be another ruse to slip the bill through when no one is looking.

A similar ploy is for Obama to come out and guarantee that he won’t sign a bill until it has been stripped of its* pork barrel, as was the case with the recent hate crimes bill, but he passed it anyway because activists were nautralized by false promises.

“The White House has not dropped plans for an aggressive global warming bill early next year that will be loaded with new spending on green technology and jobs – that would be paid for with tax increases. Democratic lobbyist Steve Elmendorf says the White House focus on deficit reduction could easily kill the cap-and-trade effort. “I think this means cap-and-trade has to go to the backburner,” he said.