RIA Novosti
July 5, 2011
Nuclear-powered icebreaker Rossiya will leave the port of Murmansk on Tuesday to accompany research vessel Academician Fyodorov on a second mission to determine the boundaries of Russia’s continental shelf in the Arctic.
Russia is still in a dispute with Canada over the Lomonosov Ridge, with both countries trying to persuade a UN commission that it is an extension of its own continental shelf. The sides have agreed that scientific evidence should resolve the dispute.
“The Rossiya icebreaker will accompany the research ship during the entire length of the expedition to ensure the consistency of the vessel’s speed, which is crucial for precise measurements,” said Yekaterina Ananyeva, spokesperson for Rosatomflot.
The main goal of the two-month-long expedition is to measure the thickness of the bottom silt along the Lomonosov Ridge as part of the evidence that supports Russia’s territorial claim.
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