Kurt Nimmo
December 7, 2009

A caller to the Alex Jones Show today said he was asked to give the last four digits of his Social Security number in order to attend the Tanner Gun Show in Denver, Colorado. The caller said he was asked to surrender his SS number after he had paid to attend the show and had a stamp put on his hand. He also said federal agents were circulating the gun show looking for weapons capable of firing in full automatic mode.

The color of law requirement put into effect at the Tanner Gun Show in Colorado reveal how the government is actively engaged in a covert war of intimidation and harassment against legal gun shows and gun owners.The Tanner Gun Show is Colorado’s oldest and largest gun show, featuring nearly 700 available tables of guns, knives, and accessories such as ammunition, hunting and fishing equipment, military surplus, gun safes, and many more unique items, according to its website.

The Alex Jones Show called the Tanner Gun Show to confirm the caller’s accusation. The organization had not responded at the time this article was posted.

Numerous callers said following the call from Colorado that they had been asked to give social security and drivers license numbers at gun shows or while purchasing ammunition at stores around the country.

Under the Gun Control Act (GCA) of 1968, firearm dealers with a Federal Firearms License (FFL) were prohibited from doing business at gun shows and were restricted to selling firearms at the address listed on their license. The law changed with the enactment of the Firearm Owners Protection Act of 1986, which allows FFLs to transfer firearms at gun shows provided they follow the provisions of the GCA and other pertinent federal regulations. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives reports that between 50% and 75% of the vendors at gun shows possess a Federal Firearms License.

BATF regulations on gun shows are posted here.

Last month New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand and Rep. Carolyn McCarthy introduced a bill to regulate the sale of firearms. The Gun Trafficking Prevention Act would provide funding for the BATF to hire 1,500 agents and investigators. Gillibrand said the measures outlined in the bill would cost $370 million over five years.

In October, California governor Schwarzenegger signed Assembly Bill 962 requiring ammunition to be kept behind the counter where customers cannot access it without assistance. It also requires gun shop owners to thumbprint people who buy handgun ammunition, as well as record their identification and provide that information to police.

The BATF falsely claims gun shows are the source of more than 30% of all illegally trafficked guns in the country.

In October, vehement gun-grabber and critic of the Second Amendment, New York mayor Michael Bloomberg, ran an undercover operation at gun shows. Paul Helmke, president of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, used the skewered results from Bloomberg’s sting operation to encourage the federal government to enact more restrictive gun laws.

Studies reveal, however, that less than 2% of felons incarcerated for crimes involving guns had acquired those guns at gun shows.

Helmke’s Brady Campaign not only wants intrusive background checks on gun sales at gun shows but on all gun sales. “Our national policy should be: no background check, no gun, no excuses,” states the Brady Campaign.

Bloomberg’s roving gun show sting is part of a wider effort by federal and state governments to characterize gun shows as the source of illegal guns in America — used by gangs and drug cartels — and thus shut them down and further restrict the sale of legal firearms to Americans.

As part of the federal government’s jihad against gun shows and the Second Amendment, earlier this year Obama said that “[m]ore than 90 percent of the guns recovered in Mexico come from the United States.” U.S. officials have erroneously claimed that 90% of guns recovered from criminals in Mexico came from the United States.

In November, the BATF said that a large percentage of guns that are smuggled into Mexico come from gun shows.

In fact, as Bill Conroy reports, much of the weaponry used by drug cartels in Mexico is sold to them by an emerging military weapons cartel and not bought at gun shows in the United States. The United States, under State Department license, sells military-grade weapons to the Mexican government.

In addition to attempting link legal gun sales to the drug cartel business in Mexico, the corporate media has engaged in a propaganda campaign to demonize gun owners as domestic terrorists.

For instance, Max Blumenthal, in Gun Show Nation, characterizes gun show attendees as a “heavily armed, tightly organized movement incited by right-wing radio to a fever-pitched resentment of President Obama and his allies in Congress.” He attempts to link this “movement” to the murder of police officers. Blumenthal writes:

On April 4, a neo-Nazi wannabe named Richard Poplawski murdered three Pittsburgh police officers with a high-powered assault rifle. By all accounts, Poplawski was an avid follower of right-wing talkers including Alex Jones and Glenn Beck who “grew angry recently over fears Obama would outlaw guns.”
The Department of Homeland Security, in its now infamous report on “rightwing extremism,” has warned that federal and state laws designed to destroy firearm possession and undermine the Second Amendment “may be invigorating right-wing extremist activity, specifically the white-supremacist and militia movements.” The report also sounds a clarion call over returning veterans who it claims are being lured into this putative domestic terror movement controlled by white supremacists.

The color of law requirement put into effect at the Tanner Gun Show in Colorado reveal how the government is actively engaged in a covert war of intimidation and harassment against legal gun shows and gun owners. If the Gun Trafficking Prevention Act and other legislation is enacted around the country and the BATF receives additional funding, we can expect the level of harassment and intimidation to increase exponentially in the months and years ahead.