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Thread: Congress wants to criminalize whistleblower reporting

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    Congress wants to criminalize whistleblower reporting

    Some lawmakers want to go after reporters that publish government secrets. This week, House Republicans sought legal advice on whether reporters can be prosecuted for making leaked classified information public. This comes after some high profile leaks from whistleblowers revealed the truth nature of America's cyber warfare program and even President Obama's so-called "kill list." Lawmakers say they want to punish journalists that compromise national security, but critics argue that this is a war on the media and Americans' First Amendment rights. Andrew Blake, RT web producer, joins Liz Wahl to explain what this would that mean for freedom of the press and free speech.
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    Re: Congress wants to criminalize whistleblower reporting

    glad to see the truth still out in plain sight here. thanks for sharing

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    Re: Congress wants to criminalize whistleblower reporting

    I have a better idea. How about Congress criminalize behavior that warrants whistleblowing? How about if government/military had to behave with impeccable ethics and morality, at all times remembering that not only are they are acting on behalf of the people of their nation but are also one with those people and at no time are they above those people. How about that, for a change?
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