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Thread: A complete lack of MSM coverage on the Canada-China trade agreement

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    A complete lack of MSM coverage on the Canada-China trade agreement

    This is not in the MSM at all - a new trade deal between Canada and China, officially called the Foreign Investment Protection and Promotion Agreement.

    It was announced by Prime minister Harper in Vladivostok, Sept 26 2012, with no press release.

    Neither the Liberals or NDP have brought this up in Parliament.

    This agreement gives Chinese companies (including state-run ones) equal rights to those of Canadian companies and full access to Canadian natural resources.

    The new China investment deal that Prime Minister Stephen Harper inked in Russia and that will become law by Nov 1 could be "a 31-year ball and chain on Canada," without critical changes says Gus Van Harten, a Toronto-based global legal authority on investment trade deals.

    Moreover the agreement, part of Harper's aggressive agenda to sell Canadian energy and mining resources to the world's second largest economy, will make it easier for China's powerful state-owned enterprises (SOE's) such as Sinopec, (Asia's largest refiner) the Kailuan Group (a coal conglomerate) and CNOOC (a national oil company) to control the pace and scale of resource development in Canada.

    The Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement (FIPA) also gives China's state owned enterprises, already under fire for corruption and inefficiency, the right to contest any Canadian standards that might stipulate the use of Canadian labour and materials in resource projects.
    More here:
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    Re: A complete lack of MSM coverage on the Canada-China trade agreement

    It sounds as if your media are as facilitating about things as ours are: What we heard about the latest distraction brewing: Lance Armstrong. While news story deserve to be reported I still fail to see why it gets such an over abundance of national attention when there's so much afoot in the world, except they are disraction so the media can avoid reporting what's really going on. Wonder if we're ever going to have real reporters anymore?

    It's good to know they aren't pulling the wool over everyones eyes. Good job with report.
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