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Thread: The Pope in Drag

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    The Pope in Drag

    Can you see past your belief systems?

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    Re: The Pope in Drag

    And of course..... your timing couldn't have been better here. Many of course are asking why he would resign now.... the first in something like 600 years.... is it because of the tidal wave of critical review coming in the Churches direction right now....its the only thing that makes any rational sense. Popes just don't usually resign... even when they are quite sick.

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    Re: The Pope in Drag

    Nope. It's pretty much regarded as what you are for the rest of your life because the pope is God's right hand on Earth in their belief. Will he be buried as a pope when he dies? Probably, but I think it might be more than just the criticism of the church and a whole lot more than his personal health. Time will show us.
    Dare to fail.

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    Re: The Pope in Drag

    Old Petrus Romanus must have told Him to clear off .....time is short?????

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