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By Kevin Barrett

“911Kills” demonstration rocks NYC’s Central Park this Sunday!

If you question 9/11, the patriotards try to shut you up by screaming: “Remember the victims!”

If you oppose the 9/11 wars, the patriotards yell “remember the victims!”

If you want to restore the Constitution, the patriotards howl “remember the victims!”

This coming Sunday, September 8th, we will be remembering the victims…ALL of them.

911Kills will commemorate the relatively small number who died on 9/11, the somewhat larger number who died from the “safe to breathe” air and from fighting in US uniforms, and the massively larger number who were murdered by the US government in wars triggered by 9/11.

The people in black T-shirts will represent the million-plus people murdered by the US government in its 9/11 wars. There will be a huge sea of black T-shirts. So please come and wear black!

The people in gray T-shirts will represent the first responders who have died from the “safe to breathe” air, and US troops killed in the 9/11 wars. There will be a small number of people in gray T-shirts.

The people in white T-shirts will represent the fewer than 3,000 people killed on 9/11 itself. There will be a couple of people in white T-shirts…if we’re lucky.

According to my calculations, there have been at least 500 people murdered in the 9/11 wars for every one person who died on 9/11. So the organizers will have to draw a crowd of at least 500 people in black T-shirts in order to bring on even one person in a white T-shirt.

The sea of people in black T-shirts, representing the (mostly Muslim) people murdered in the 9/11 wars, will completely engulf the handful of gray T-shirts, and the one or two white T-shirts. Photos and videos will provide visual evidence of who the 9/11 victims really are.

This event is a great warm-up for the big event of this September 11th: The Million American March Against Fear on the National Mall in Washington, DC between 13th and 14th Streets, beginning at noon Eastern, and featuring Cornell West as keynote speaker.
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