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Thread: The Earth is Groaning - Unknown sound phenomena occurring 2011

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    Re: The Earth is Groaning - Unknown sound phenomena occurring 2011

    When you folks say " hum" .... is it close to what is generally the tone one hears when its what they call the "60 cycle hum"... or is it quite different?

    Going to be in Santa Fe myself soon and want to know what your experiences have been. Thanks for coming back to us kotn with your experience. I would like to offer that some people are hearing this while others are not........ simpy because there is something about your own makeup that lets you pick up this..... signal.... or " broadcast" or.... simply.... noise..... whatever it is.... better than others around you.

    In your case you said that you moved away because of it.... and then when you returned
    "The longer I'm gone, the longer it takes to creep back in, though I suspect that even now it would only be a matter of days until I heard it again should I ever choose to return."

    And others have reported hearing it.... while those beside them did not.

    What was it that the Bible said about two men in the same bed? I do not believe that it meant two different individuals. I have come to realize that each of us has a duel nature.... and this " process" might be a system being used to separate those who can " hear" the hum..... and those who can not.

    Sort of like being magically " tuned".

    Question is..... in this case.....is it better to be receptive to the " transmissions"?

    Or "immune" to them?

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    Re: The Earth is Groaning - Unknown sound phenomena occurring 2011

    I am by no means any sort of authority on the Hum, but here's what wikipedia has to say about it: The Hum - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. I only know what I experienced back then. I can't make any sort of comparison with anyone else's experience. All I know is it became unbearable to me and I had to leave. I went back to my hometown (specifically, that is Artesia, NM -- right smack between Roswell and Carlsbad) when my children were small, but haven't been back there since about 1992.

    There is this map https://www.google.com/fusiontables/...27&y=2&tmplt=2 which records the various places where people have reported hearing the Hum. This may be quite accurate, as I see some reports from the location where I currently reside. I have heard something entirely different from the Hum I heard all those years ago, but am inclined to believe that this is , albeit a different Hum, it is no less a Hum. Fortunately, it is tolerable to me at present and has only been here, to my ears, for the past maybe five years. It is more of a deep rumbling than the sort of head-filling I-know-not-what of the Taos variety.

    If it is a means to separate us, it's an interesting one. Seems a bit inefficient to me. :/
    Dare to fail.

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    Re: The Earth is Groaning - Unknown sound phenomena occurring 2011

    Hard to tell the efficiency of something that we don't understand.... what would we expect it to be " doing"?.... Maybe it has been "working" all of these years... we just don't understand what has been happening? Perhaps some of us have been " hearing" what has been " silent" to us for centuries?

    Thank you so much.... Your input is extremel important to me kotn

    I will be doing some snooping myself. I will let you guys know.

    But I want all of you to look carefully at the words that Orpheo3 left us with... He is familiar with the lab at Los Alamos. Why would a gentleman with his experience come to such a drastic conclusion?


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    Re: The Earth is Groaning - Unknown sound phenomena occurring 2011

    Here is one answer to my question thanks to the link that you provided Kotn

    The Hum - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    "It was in 1992 that the Hum phenomenon began to be reported in North America following complaints from many citizens living near the town of Taos, New Mexico.[4]:571

    The University of New Mexico undertook studies of hum sufferers in Taos.[16] One of the researchers reported that the hum was close to 66 hertz, two octaves below middle C, although it could go as low as the lowest E on a piano.[17]An ongoing low frequency noise, audible only to some, is thought to originate somewhere near this town and is consequently sometimes known as the Taos Hum. Those who have heard the Hum usually hear it west of Taos near Tres Orejas. The Taos Hum was featured on the TV show Unsolved Mysteries,[18] and it was also briefly mentioned in an episode of The X-Files.[19]"

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    Re: The Earth is Groaning - Unknown sound phenomena occurring 2011

    You guys should see the travel map that I have worked out for myself. Its an interesting pattern.

    And for those of you who have kept up with some of my strange dreams.... this might tickle your fancy.
    My husband recently has had an emergency operation on his foot.... and has had to have a pin placed in to replace a toe "knuckle"... He has not been a happy camper and has been told to " stay off that foot" for a couple more weeks..... so we hope to be traveling together this time.... because he doesn't want me going on this little expedition alone....and I have promised that I will push his wheelchair wherever we need to go.... that it will be fun and he might get a chance to meet some interesting people. This is the first time that he has joined me on any of my travels.... and it is odd, isn't it.... that my dream has basically come true.... or is slowly coming true.

    George is the born skeptic. Dyed in the wool New England..... so this ought to be an experience for him meeting the people who are taking all of this " strange stuff" so darned seriously! More soon! Linda

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    Sensitive People Driven Mad by Puzzling Rumbling Sound!

    The Earth is Groaning - Unknown sound phenomena occurring 2011-rumbling-jpg

    Am I crazy? I hear can hear this mostly in the very early morning between 1-4 am!

    A Mysterious Sound Is Driving People Insane — And Nobody Knows What's Causing It

    Dr. Glen MacPherson doesn't remember the first time he heard the sound. It may have started at the beginning of 2012, a dull, steady droninglike that of a diesel engine idling down the street from his house inthe Sunshine Coast of British Columbia. A lecturer at the University ofBritish Columbia and high school teacher of physics, mathematics andbiology, months passed before MacPherson realized that the noise, whichhe'd previously dismissed as some background nuisance like car trafficor an airplane passing overhead, was something abnormal.

    "Once I realized that this wasn't simply the ambient noise of livingin my little corner of the world, I went through the typical stages andsteps to try to isolate the sources," MacPherson told Mic. "Iassumed it may be an electrical problem, so I shut off the mains to theentire house. It got louder. I went driving around my neighborhoodlooking for the source, and I noticed it was louder at night."

    Exasperated, MacPherson turned his focus to scientific literature andpored over reports of the mysterious noise before coming across an articleby University of Oklahoma geophysicist David Deming in the Journal ofScientific Exploration, a peer-reviewed academic journal devoted toexploring topics outside of mainstream science. "I almost dropped mylaptop," says MacPherson. "I was sure that I was hearing the Hum."

    "The Hum" refers to a mysterious sound heard in places around theworld by a small fraction of a local population. It's characterized by apersistent and invasive low-frequency rumbling or droning noise oftenaccompanied by vibrations. While reports of "unidentified hummingsounds" pop up in scientific literature dating back to the 1830s, modernmanifestations of the contemporary hum have been widely reported bynational media in the United Kingdom, the United States and Australiasince the early 1970s.

    Regional experiences of the phenomenon vary, and the Hum isoften prefixed with the region where the problem centers, like the"Windsor Hum" in Ontario, Canada, the "Taos Hum" in New Mexico, or the"Auckland Hum" for Auckland, New Zealand. Somewhere between 2 and 10% ofpeople can hear the Hum, and inside isolation is no escape. Mostsufferers find the noise to be more disturbing indoors and at night.Much to their dismay, the source of the mysterious humming is virtuallyuntraceable.

    While the uneven experience of the Hum in local populationshas led some researchers to dismiss it as a "mass delusion," thenuisance and pain associated with the phenomenon make delusion adissatisfying hypothesis. Intrigued by the mysterious noise, MacPhersonlaunched The World Hum Map and Database in December 2012 to collect testimonies of other Hum sufferers and track its global impact (he now also moderates a decade-old Yahoo forum along with Deming).

    MacPhersonquickly discovered that what to him was a strange rumbling was actuallyhaving pernicious effects on hundreds of people, from headaches toirritability to sleep deprivation. There are reports thatweeks of insomnia caused by the Bristol Hum drove at least three U.K.residents to suicide. "It completely drains energy, causing stress andloss of sleep," a sufferer told a British newspaper in 1992. "I havebeen on tranquilizers and have lost count of the number of nights I havespent holding my head in my hands, crying and crying." Thousands ofpeople around the world have shared similar experiences of the Hum;some, like MacPherson, are devoting their time to finally uncovering itssource.


    read more: http://mic.com/articles/91091/a-myst...t-s-causing-it
    Energy flows where attention goes...

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