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  1. What is going on in Canada? Parliament shutdown till January 27th
  2. Lakota Indians create silver & gold based Bank!
  3. Depression Hits Detroit! Average home price $18,513 - Unemployment rate 21%
  4. Bank of Canada cuts lending rate to 1%
  5. Big Fall in UK inflation
  6. Conspiracy of the Rich
  7. North American union
  8. secrets' of the world bankers!
  9. workers as Canada loses 129,000 jobs
  10. February 11th, 2009 in Breaking News
  11. Shouldn’t Schwarzenegger be held accountable for California’s woes?
  12. US House approves stimulus plan
  13. Obama cabinet: Unlucky or naive?
  14. Should the G7 finance ministers, IMF and WB be held accountable for the global econom
  15. G7 sets sights on new world economic order
  16. G7 pledges to avoid protectionism
  17. Taxing times for US tax payers
  18. Actual U.S. debt higher than total world economy
  19. Why should corporations be bailed out?
  20. Very serious crisis threat Thursday, February 19, 2009
  21. The biggest scam in the history of the U.S.! Saturday, February 21, 2009
  22. U.S. banks in just 2 weeks 30% less Saturday, February 21, 2009
  23. This financial crisis is now global! Sunday, February 22, 2009
  24. Police fear ’summer of rage’ in response to economic crisis
  25. The Crash of 2009 is coming to you! (video)
  26. Turn a Harsh Light Onto the Banks
  27. Rates do not bode Tuesday, February 24, 2009
  28. Schwarzenegger Thought About Ditching the GOP Feb 24, 2009
  29. Economists warn of the second financial crisis in the United States
  30. Environmental, Income Tax, Corporation Tax, VAT, BPM, Tues
  31. Irwin Schiff - 2001 speech over 9/11 and the economy. Part 1 to 6
  32. We are raging against a Government
  33. Recession creates 50,000 police jobs as crime graph soars
  34. Credit Crisis: Background information Part 1
  35. Obama, Brown urge global action on economy
  36. Over 6 Mln Russians actively looking for jobs
  37. Former Chief of KB Home Indicted
  38. 70,000 More Bangladeshi Workers Coming To Malaysia
  39. ** Breaking News L.A. Riots (build up of the national guard)
  40. Dr. Ron Paul and Peter Schiff on fox 4th of March 2009 part 1 to 4
  41. Gerald Celente - March 3, 2009, Part 1and2
  42. Jim Rogers - An Even Greater Depression is Coming - March 1st, 2009
  43. The economic crisis: the government is the problem not the solution
  44. Morgan Stanley predicts economic collapse worse than depression
  45. Oil price up over petrol demand
  46. The Federal Reserve is Bankrupt
  47. Grasping A Trillion Dollars March 11, 2009
  48. Video: Walmart - High Cost of Low Prices
  49. Texas' Perry rejects stimulus for expanded jobless benefits
  50. Obama at the Business Roundtable
  51. Germany to seek answers on Opel plan in U.S. talks
  52. Heading the wrong direction to create new jobs for Canadians......ricklbert.
  53. VIDEO: Wall Street Financial Fraud Revealed: Jon Stewart faces off with MSNBC's Jim C
  54. Jon Stewart's Epiphany: Has a Comedian Just Saved America?
  55. Dollar Crisis In The Making Before the stampede
  56. Of ALL Government Bureaucrats, the CHINESE Offer Warnings and Advice About Devaluatio
  57. It is about people, not about money! Monday, March 16, 2009
  58. Obama Received a $101,332 Bonus from AIG
  59. 9.2 trillion dollar deficit for U.S., the dollar?
  60. The secret society
  61. President Obama, Why Did You Pay Blackwater $70 Million in February?
  62. Latvia uses police to quash talk of economic collapse
  63. Cavuto And His Conspiracy-Theorist Roundtable Discuss Obama's Secret Plan To Tax The
  64. The most powerful elite will meet in Athens
  65. No prison time for Japanese minister over stocks trade?
  66. UN panel touts new global currency reserve system
  67. U.S. Tent Cities Highlight New Realities as Recession Wears On
  68. Dark side of the Dubai dream
  69. VIDEO: White House Briefing April 7th
  70. Pentagon Preps For Economic Warfare
  71. Obama just like all the rest - a war monger?
  72. The Time to Protest Is Now! Rally to Break Up the Banks
  73. Not a fairy tale
  74. Tax Day Becomes Protest Day
  75. US, Communist China to sign billions in business deals Monday
  76. Bilderberg can't decide between prolonged agonizing depression or a short path to NWO
  77. Insiders Selling At A Furious Pace
  78. VIDEO: Is Anyone Minding the Store at the Federal Reserve?
  79. World Bank warns of social unrest
  80. “The Worst Is Yet to Come” If You’re Not Petrified You’re Not Paying Attention
  81. The global abuse of money creation
  82. 'New world order' needs better economic grounding: Carney
  83. Obama faces balancing act on economy
  84. Bill Clinton says Barack Obama on right track
  85. More transparency needed from Fed
  86. Rally's fate hinges on Fed, home sales
  87. Gereald Celente Predicts OBAMAGEDDON FOX NEWS
  88. Obama rejects 2nd stimulus: Give recovery time
  89. Starbucks 3Q profit beats estimates
  90. Dollar edges up on Bernanke comments
  91. Ford to sell improved EcoBoost engine
  92. U.S. green jobs seen taking years of planning
  93. Many casino companies cut execs' pay in recession
  94. No jobs, no insurance: hard times for young adults
  95. Americans lacking in emergency funds
  96. Unemployment could undercut U.S. recovery:
  97. Gold, other metals slip as inflation fears ease
  98. How the Obama poll was conducted
  99. Oil prices climb on positive US company results
  100. Canada economy stabilizing, lonnie a concern: Flaherty
  101. Key Senators push back on Palin climate claims
  102. Waiters left out of latest minimum wage rise
  103. Bernanke, Geithner clash on consumer protection
  104. Environmental scores not ready for prime time
  105. Part I - 3 Hyperinflation Nation
  106. Stimulus money sent to 4,000 cons
  107. Swiss bank to stop doing business in the U.S.
  109. Governments will go bankrupt
  110. NIA launches mini movie 'Debt Slave'
  111. Large Anti-Government Demonstration in Washington DC
  112. World Bank and IMF join global attack on the dollar
  113. U.S. Suffering Permanent Destruction of Jobs
  114. Entering the Greatest Depression in History
  115. What are we thinking ?
  116. TARP Boss Plays Soft Ball with the Banksters
  117. Fed Should Release Borrowers’ Names, Bloomberg Says
  118. Report claims oil states plotting to end dollar trade
  119. Gold price rises and the influence of unusual people..
  120. Dollar tumbles on report of its demise
  121. Jim Rogers wary of buying gold at new high
  122. Is the Sky Really Falling? Dollar Hysteria
  123. Iceland Political Leader Calls For Debt Moratorium As Government Crumbles
  124. Gerald Celente: The Dollar is Finished
  125. Bernanke's Great Fib - The "Gold Standard" and the Great Depression
  126. Collapse of the Greenback? Will the Dollar get an “Arab Oil Shock”?
  127. Ontario Canada - No More Money For Small Business -OSEB Cancled
  128. Dollar Devaluation A Means To Cope With Debt
  129. The Disappearing Middle Class Dream
  130. US facing massive economic ‘power shift’ with dollar’s downward spiral
  131. Richard Belzer calls out the Federal Reserve on HBO
  132. Government Leaders Said Bailouts Were Needed Because ?The House Next Door Was Burning
  133. End the Fed Rap Video
  134. A second Great Depression is still possible
  135. Central banks dump U.S. dollars
  136. JPMorgan profits surge six fold
  137. Dow 10K: Celebrating 10 Years of 0% Return
  138. Gold Pullback; Short Term Fibonacci Retracement Levels
  139. Goldman Sachs bankers set for bumper bonuses as profits more than triple
  140. Treasury Officials Received Millions from Goldman Sachs
  141. The Rich Have Stolen the Economy
  142. Force The Secrets From The Fed
  143. The people vs Wall Street
  144. Dutch Seize Bank After Run on Assets
  145. Russia ready to abandon dollar in oil, gas trade with China
  146. Another Financial Bubble Comes Into View
  147. Foreclosures Force Ex-Homeowners to Turn to Shelters
  148. Twenty-Two Reasons Why this Recession is Different and Why it Will Endure
  149. The Rich Have Stolen the Economy
  150. Gold Man's Sack of SEC (sick) Trading Tricks!
  151. If Not for the Bankers We Would Have Suffered a Second Depression
  152. Deserted shopping mall bleak symbol of Fed bailout
  153. Address On Iceland &The IMF, Debt Moratorium, And Tobin Tax
  154. Ron Paul "The Fed Can Create Money Out Of Thin Air! Just Last Week They Created 50 Bi
  155. October 25, 2009 ... Prediction??
  156. Federal Reserve Runs Our Country
  157. Dollar/Euro chart modified
  158. PETER SCHIFF ~ Euro Pacific Capital Conference ~ Dollar Collapse
  159. The Real Reason That ? For the First Time Ever ? More Women are Working Than Men
  160. World Currencies To Join In Race To The Bottom
  161. Black Tuesday and a Return to Big Government
  162. Economy Grows But Jobless Number Still Soars
  163. Peter Schiff On Phony GDP Growth (Video)
  164. Russia Delays Gold Sales ~ Forbes 10/27
  165. City of Houston is Bankrupt (So are California, Oregon, and Pension Plans in General)
  166. The Collapse of Detroit: Ground Zero for the Globalist?s Deindustrialization Agenda
  167. Massive Government Spending Boosts US Economy, But Few Signs Private Sector Can Susta
  168. Ron Paul: Important News on Audit the Fed
  169. The billionaire bailout society
  170. Deficits Funded With Monetization And Hyperinflation ~ BOB CHAPMAN
  171. Reed Apologizes for Glass Steagall Repeal, Building Citigroup
  172. What Is Money? Part 13: Exported Inflation
  173. Mark Dice Tries To Sell 1 Ounce Gold Coin For $50 Bucks; No Takers
  174. Big Bankers Say They?re Doing God?s Work ? Are They Right?
  175. Soros Calls for World Currency and ?New World Architecture?
  177. PRECIOUS-Gold hits record high as dollar slides
  178. A Group of Satanic Trillionaires have Created the Goldilocks Matrix
  179. Golden spike: Boom times for precious metal
  180. United States Heading Towards A Financial Collapse?
  181. Trade Deficit in U.S. Increases by Most Since 1999
  182. Hidden message in the song (Under my umbrella) about the economy
  183. The worst is yet to come: Unemployed Americans should hunker down for more job losses
  184. MELTDOWN OF THE DOLLAR ~ Charles Goyette 11/4/2009
  185. US border-security cash leaves towns on the hook
  186. At Least One Central Bank Held Fake Gold
  187. Current And Former IMF Heads Call For New Global Currency
  188. The worst is yet to come: Unemployed Americans should hunker down for more job losses
  189. Possible EU President Tells Bilderberg: Levy Green Taxes On Europe
  190. The Rumor About London Good Delivery Gold Bars That Are Allegedly Filled with Tungste
  191. Lehman Sues Barclays for $5 Billion Plus Damages
  192. Is Goldman Sachs About To Drag Down The Federal Reserve?
  193. Geithner Savaged On Unemployment During Fiery Capitol Hill Hearing
  194. CNBC comes right out and says world currency crisis will bring in NWO
  195. Obama Allies Want New Tax To Pay For Cost Of Protecting Afghan Opium Fields, Bribing
  196. End the Fed Rallies Across America
  197. Cap & Trade Act-Largest Tax Increase-AND you cannot sell your home...
  198. Is America Finally Starting to Stand Up To Wall Street?
  199. Worst-case scenario Society for in General: Global economic collapse
  200. The Biggest Rip-off of All Time
  201. Audit the Fed Attached as an Amendment
  202. Obama admin sees more U.S. stimulus hiring in 2010
  203. TAXES -- a thriving economy, but, NOT for us, but, for WHO ???
  204. CNBC's Santelli blurts it out: Central banks suppress gold
  205. Animated US Map Shows Startling Growth of Unemployment
  206. BOB CHAPMAN ~ How much gold held by the US government is a fraud?
  207. US Will Have to Tax Consumers: Economist
  208. In The Midst Of Economic Armageddon, Americans Pay 600% Over The Odds For A Crappy To
  209. Jim Rogers: Gold Price to Double in Coming Months
  210. The Economic Crisis and What Must be Done
  211. Audit the Fed: Bernanke and the Bankers Are Running Scared
  212. FICO Reveals How Common Credit Mistakes Affect Scores
  213. Mark Dice Tries To Give Away One Ounce Gold Coin To Random People
  214. Disengaging from a war we are escalating
  215. Taibbi: Obama’s sellout to Wall Street creates ‘permanent bailout’
  216. Israel?s Fischer says world must accept a weaker U.S. dollar
  217. Celente On RT: Washington is Wall Street and Wall Street is Washington
  218. A must watch for every American on this Health Care Bill
  219. Obama to meet with Senate Democrats to push health care
  220. Max Keiser - Not a Punk Like John Stewart
  221. Giant Banks Are Trying to Make Bailouts Permanent
  222. Obama is a Creature of Wall Street
  223. Taxing the rich is causing exodus
  224. Blythe Masters:The woman who built financial 'weapons of mass destruction'
  225. Obama Meets With Bankers
  226. Russian Blames West For Heroin Rise
  227. Gulf petro-powers to launch currency in latest threat to dollar hegemony
  228. Moody’s warns of ?social unrest’ as sovereign debt spirals
  229. Officials and Experts Warn of Crash-Induced Unrest
  230. New York?s MTA Approves Drastic Transportation Cuts
  231. 2010 Food Crisis Means Financial Armageddon
  232. AIG, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and GMAC: “Long-Term Wards of the State”
  233. Crisis?What crisis?Wealth of world’s 50 richest Arabs rises in 2009
  234. Goldman?s Attempt To Ambush Dollar Aborted, Tactical Shorts Closed As Stop Losses Hit
  235. Gold coins to bear the UN logo(The ORO)
  236. The Audacity of Debt
  237. Unemployment funds going ?absolutely broke?
  238. Flaherty Says Russia, China May Buy Canada Dollars to Diversify
  239. Experts: Derivatives inherently vulnerable to fraud
  240. War on Wall Street as Congress Sees Returning to Glass-Steagall
  241. Gold Cuts 2009 Gains to 30% as Deflation Hits Europe, China Hits New Year ?Gold Rush?
  242. European Commission: High risk of financial collapse in 2010
  243. Billions in Recent Yememi Investments and The Underwear Bomber’s Daddy
  244. Military-Industrial Complex Set To Make A Killing From Body Scanners
  245. Lawyer refuses to pay credit card and threatens to sue
  246. Government Uses Stimulus Money To Buy Naked Body Scanners
  247. Campaign to Move Money From Giant Banks to Community Banks Is Going Viral
  248. Wall Street Poltergeist: The return of Robert Rubin
  249. Tim Geithner ?Protects America From Itself? By Forcing Elimination Of Material AIG Di
  250. Small businesses