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  1. Controversy surrounds Nanotech food supply experiments
  2. New superbug genes sure to spread, U.S. expert says
  3. German giants Bayer, BASF team up on GM rice
  4. Biogen reports four more Tysabri cases, one death
  5. Holidays With Clan Ideal for Investigating Family Health History
  6. Brazil to step up crackdown on "biopiracy" in 2011
  7. Stem cell research breaks new ground in 2010
  8. US approves new trial of embryonic stem cells on blindness
  9. FDA approves second Advanced Cell stem cell trial
  10. Five crazy and new genetically modified foods
  11. Malaysia delays GM mosquito trial after protests
  12. Genes predict hair colour, say scientists
  13. UPS to spend $100 million on 4 new healthcare facilities
  14. Stem Cell Defect Might Help Spur Common Baldness
  15. Scientists defend Asian carp research methods
  16. Farm reform, biotech are key to feeding world by 2050: study
  17. Fornix sells medical supplies unit to Rochester
  18. Scientists make chickens that don't spread bird flu
  19. Copying biotech medicine attracts more drugmakers
  20. Genetics Could Play Role in Teen Drinking
  21. Woolly Mammoth's Second Chance to Beat Extinction
  22. Mice study shows breakthrough in treating fetal defects
  23. Canadian stem cell pioneer dies
  24. Gene Mutation May Protect Blacks From Heart Disease
  25. USDA will allow planting of modified alfalfa
  26. Malaysia releases GM mosquitoes in landmark trial
  27. Kids' Rising Obesity Rates Due to Bad Habits, Not Genes: Study
  28. Scientists find 5 new Parkinson's genes
  29. Farmers can plant genetically modified beets
  30. Japanese stem cell researcher wins top award
  31. Tiny water flea has more genes than you
  32. Don't expect genome breakthroughs yet, expert says
  33. US trade chief urges Europe to open market to GM foods
  34. Success rates for experimental drugs falls: study
  35. Commission Looks at Guatemala and Tuskegee Experiment Abuse Implications
  36. Gene therapy raises hope for a future AIDS cure
  37. Mass. company making diesel with sun, water, CO2
  38. BrainStorm to start adult stem cell trial for ALS
  39. Greeks mobilise to protect endangered seeds
  40. Scientists Identify Genes Linked to Migraines
  41. Argentine lab clones cow to produce human-like milk
  42. Gene sequencers face govt budget squeeze
  43. Scientists find gene that controls chronic pain
  44. Analyst gives biotech top rating
  45. PTSD-gene link found in students after shootings