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  1. Crop Circles Formed by Balls of Light-Scientifically Proven
  2. water and zero point energy
  3. How big is this universe? Hubble: Most Important Image Ever Taken
  4. The Kaye Effect
  5. Platinum nanocrystals boost catalytic activity for fuel oxidation, hydrogen productio
  6. Some different info
  7. Haarp weapon
  8. ABC News: Unmanned Russian Cargo Ship Heads to Space Station.
  9. Particle Accelerator comes as
  10. U.S., Russian orbiting satellites collide for first time
  11. NASA publishes breathtaking photo of Pinwheel Galaxy
  12. First pulsars found in Nederlands
  13. $1.6b for robot theme parks. S Korea
  14. Scientists Map the 10 Billion Neuron of Human Cerebral Cortex & Find a Central Switch
  15. Tropical fish swim to North Pole
  16. How many stars fit in a light year?
  17. Billions of Earths in the Universe '
  18. China-Russia Mars mission set for takeoff.
  19. HAARP CBC uncovering the motives
  20. Second 'intergalactic quest' launched
  21. Man seems genetic, not Neanderthal
  22. Control of mind is towards toys Tuesday, February 17, 2009
  23. Drops of Water on Mars? Wednesday, February 18, 2009
  24. Europe or Titan? The node will soon by minced Wednesday, February 18, 2009
  25. Global 'fireballs' may be caused by impending comet
  26. Hubble may end collision near by satellites Thursday, February 19, 2009
  27. Mosquito survives universe Thursday, February 19, 2009
  28. New ESA spacecraft Friday, February 20, 2009
  29. Galaxy hunt draws massive traffic
  30. Sexual education better than vaccine Saturday, February 21, 2009
  31. DefenseLink: Innovative Research Advances Army Training, Warfighting
  32. Start financial crisis was accompanied by gamma-largest eruption ever Monday, Febru
  33. NASA Launches Climate Crisis Satellite Part one
  34. Remote-controlled planes could spy on British homes
  35. Environmental Satellite of 273.4 million dollar crashes Wedne
  36. Dr Quantum - Flatland, the 2nd dimension Tuesday, February 24, 2009
  37. 'Breakthrough' in radiation risks Thursday, February 26, 2009
  38. Modern Feet Step Back 1.5 Million Years
  39. The military-purpose satellite launched from Baikonur has been put into the planned o
  40. DARPA’s new lab-on-a-chip that protects America from biological warfare?
  41. Chinese probe crashes into moon
  42. Designer baby row over US clinic
  43. Hubble sees' unrest 'between three galaxies Tuesday, March 3, 2009
  44. AURORA WATCH: Wednesday, March 4, 2009
  45. Saturn Mantel possible source of outer ring
  46. Astronomers find black holes using two rolling
  47. NASA to launch planet-hunting telescope today Thursday, March 5, 2009
  48. Dutch invention deserts green Friday, March 6, 2009
  49. Video of world’s most advanced robot?
  50. Can evolution be the source of life and all its complexity
  51. America almost hit with Meteor, no warning was given to us goyim cattle. March/04/09
  52. NASA looking for planets like the Earth Sunday, March 8, 2009
  53. Helium-3 from the moon the new energy source?
  54. Artificial life form step closer Monday, March 9, 2009
  55. Video: Prehistoric Japanese Goblin Shark
  56. Samsung Techwins latest: a killing robot
  57. Super Battery is coming
  58. Space Shuttle Discovery to Launch Tonight
  59. Artificial life could be created within five years
  60. Crew Space Station ISS evacuated by impending space debris
  61. Jurassic Park a step closer?
  62. Website universe
  63. Junk alert for space station crew
  64. Where are the brothers and sisters of the sun gone?
  65. Fermi brings high energy sky map Sunday, March 15, 2009 Part 1 and 2
  66. Search own extraterrestrial life on Mars
  67. limate Change: Polar Satellite Still in Planning Stage
  68. New digital revolution Monday, March 16, 2009
  69. Is a Transhumanist future occuring right now
  70. Mind control 16 March 2009 02:30 P
  71. Quantum Leap Technology
  72. Indian Space Researchers Claim Extraterrestrial Life Discovery
  73. NASA - The X-48B Blended Wing Body
  74. Now imagine the robots they aren’t showing you
  75. Evanesce Endenich climate theory
  76. First spacewalk Discovery launched
  77. Impressive: the sun as you never saw
  78. Transition from four moons of Saturn
  79. Peace from the Quantum Level
  80. Global disaster by eliminating ozone-consuming substances'
  81. What's up in Space
  82. An astrological vision
  83. Possible explanation found for left turning nature of life
  84. Clouds have 'X-factor "in climate change
  85. Plants survived catastrophe by doubling DNA
  86. Top Scientists Validating the Supernatural Universe
  87. The perception, storage and discovery of an asteroid exploded
  88. New species from Paoea New Guinea
  89. Been away? Growth on the way
  90. Amazing video Inside the Womb
  91. The Rest Of The Secret
  92. 'Flowing blood may soon charge your iPod'
  93. Life-friendly planets may reveal itself
  94. "Radiation Standard mobile phone masts decrease has the opposite effect"
  95. Meteorite impact explains Mars ice exposed
  96. Are We On the Brink of Finding a Second Earth?
  97. Why so boring?
  98. Surprisingly "flat" Titan is soft on the inside
  99. Human evolution is' speeding up '
  100. Cosmic light seen by space telescope
  101. New evidence of underground ocean on Titan monday
  102. Sonar ships make dolphins deaf temporarily
  103. Hunting on the second earth started off dust Kepler
  104. NASA astronaut returns to earth aboard Russian Soyuz TMA-13 spacecraft
  105. New map of the universe suggests scientists mystery
  106. European supercomputing network ready to go
  107. Hubble makes beauty of recording a giant system
  108. Energy from space
  109. Bacteria live a million years without air in Antarctic
  110. Possible Cleopatra tomb discovered
  111. U.S. Astronauts on Chinese Spacecraft?
  112. Medical Micro-robots Made As Small As Bacteria
  113. Super Storm on the Sun can paralyze life on Earth
  114. VIDEO: Huge Robo-Spider in Yokohama
  115. Monday may get half run by asteroid
  116. New Telekinesis Toys
  117. Not-so-quiet Sunday
  118. Michio Kaku: Will We Ever Be a Galactic Civilization?
  119. Swift satellite sees eruption from extreme long distances
  120. Who lives in the Eleventh Dimension? - Parallel Universes - BBC science
  121. Natural Plates 55-95 km thick
  122. Most distant object ever observed
  123. Gene virus without close
  124. Amit Goswami PhD. on Quantum Physics
  125. A bold plan for the mass introduction of electric cars
  126. Hundreds of new frog species discovered
  127. Sun spot cycling!
  128. Brian Cox: What went wrong at the Large Hadron Collider
  129. Astronomers have a 2-3 km wide asteroid discovered in a most remarkable orbit.
  130. Medical Breakthrough: Cut finger grows again
  131. Two galaxies in our neighborhood
  132. Gregg Braden - The Science of Miracles
  133. Method developed to detect extraterrestrial oceans
  134. Alien technology in a computer?
  135. Radio-controlled bullets leave no place to hide
  136. Mysterious' ice circles in remote Siberian lake baffle scientists
  137. Discovery Raises New Doubts About Dinosaur-bird Links
  138. "Oceans provide magnetic field around the earth"
  139. Longest eclipse in 500 years
  140. Rare magnetic star discovered
  141. Next Mars Rover Gets Huge Heat Shield
  142. Russian missile with Malaysian satellite to blast off from Baikonur
  143. Couple floats into zero gravity nuptials
  144. Indonesian elephant fossil opens window to past
  145. Primitive Primate's Brain Built
  146. Intact ancient tomb uncovered in Bethlehem
  147. Work begins on world's deepest underground lab
  148. Huge breeding of stars discovered in our galaxy
  149. Grotto of Roman-Era found in Jericho
  150. Astronauts photographed volcano eruption
  151. Sophisticated weather satellite rockets into orbit
  152. Litter of lynx kittens heartens Colo. biologists
  153. Ill. derailment revives hazardous cargo debate
  154. Toothy 3-foot Piranha Fossil Found
  155. Pentagon’s Robo-Hummingbird
  156. Russian spacecraft landed on moon hours before Americans
  157. NASA and ESA will travel together to Mars
  158. Growth of the Earth Satellite Population
  159. Human Genome lupus drug success is classic biotech
  160. Solar Eclipse China 2009 july 22
  161. Three new dinosaur species found in Australia
  162. Toothy 3-foot Piranha Fossil Found
  163. Indonesian elephant fossil opens window to past
  164. Scientists study foes' ways at Creation Museum
  165. Researchers find fossils of new type of European camel
  166. Paleontologists brought to tears, laughter by Creation Museum
  167. Myanmar fossil may shed light on evolution
  168. Australian dinosaur that lived 98M years ago found
  169. Australia discovers 3 new large dinosaurs
  170. Armadillo-like crocodile roamed Brazil:
  171. Huge Fossilized Dung Reveals a Hidden Ancient Ecosystem
  172. Calif. needs to think small to save water
  173. First stem cell transplant on Chilean leukemia patient
  174. Russian Cargo Ship Launches Toward Space Station
  175. BP drops plan to build refinery in east Canada
  176. China announces first panda from frozen sperm
  177. Gov't considers 7 states for mercury site
  178. Astronauts slowly install batteries on spacewalk 4
  179. Colder Climate Tied to Longer Animal Lives
  180. US, China upbeat on climate treaty: US envoy
  181. DR Congo needs clear logging policies: Greenpeace
  182. Monaco seeks global bluefin tuna trade ban
  183. Advances in Artificial Intelligence Alarm Scientists
  184. Touchable Holography
  185. NASA targeting late Friday for shuttle launch try
  186. Problem cancels moon rocket test firing in Utah
  187. The Secret Canyon
  188. Earth is not warmer but colder
  189. NASA Moves Up Launch Debut for New Moon Rocket
  190. S.Korea scientist wins dog cloning court battle
  191. Space shuttle Discovery back home in Florida
  192. NASA Attacks the Moon
  193. Dan Winter: The Biofield For Architecture And Agriculture
  194. Philadelphia Experiment
  195. UCLA Study: The Internet Is Altering Our Brains
  196. Serious Scientists Suggest Hadron Collider May Be Sabotaging Itself From The Future
  197. New Rocket Fuel Mixes Ice and Metal
  198. US scientist in court on spy-for-Israel charges
  199. Space agencies, Google seek ways to save forests
  200. Controversial study suggests vast magma pool under Washington state
  201. NASA's new moon rocket makes first test flight
  202. Teamwork Brings About Successful Ares I-X Launch
  203. 2 parachutes malfunctioned in NASA test flight
  204. Mars Rover Spirit Has Amnesia Again
  205. Russia hopes nuclear ship will fly humans to Mars
  206. New scanning technology makes thinking visible
  207. In Ethiopia, a new sea is emerging
  208. Follow Rosetta’s final Earth boost
  209. Mini ice age took hold of Europe in months
  210. Splash! NASA moon strikes found significant water
  211. NASA begins countdown for space shuttle launch
  212. NASA to Subject Monkeys to Radiation
  213. Space shuttle Atlantis lifts off on supply mission
  214. The Future of Evolution: What Will We Become?
  215. Shuttle Atlantis docks with space station
  216. NASA to Try to Free Stuck Mars Rover Again
  217. Astronauts Gear Up for First Spacewalk
  218. Astronauts step out on 1st spacewalk of mission
  219. Astronauts Unfazed by False Alarms in Space
  220. Astronauts Prepare for Second Spacewalk, New Baby
  221. Space station alarm delays Atlantis crew spacewalk
  222. Astronauts finish another spacewalk, still no baby
  223. Astronauts Speed Through Second Spacewalk
  224. Atlantis astronauts install gadgets on second spacewalk
  225. Physics of the Impossible
  226. Plan for Human Mission to Asteroid Gains Speed
  227. Atlantis astronauts end final mission spacewalk
  228. Astronauts take spacewalk No. 3 after suit snag
  229. Houston, we have a baby
  230. 17,650 new species found in deep sea
  231. Icebergs head from Antarctica for New Zealand
  232. Shuttle, station crews seal hatches for departure
  233. Astronauts Prepare to Leave Space Station
  234. Astronaut says Mexico needs its own space program
  235. Nano electro-magnets make it possible cloak invisibility
  236. French scientists grow skin rapidly from stem cells
  237. Ancient Volcano's Devastating Effects Confirmed
  238. Russian DNA Discoveries
  239. EPA says greenhouse gases endanger human health
  240. Battery Power - Suppressed
  241. The Whales have changed their song...
  242. NASA buys additional space shuttle reusable solid rocket motors
  243. Scientists discover Earth-like, water-rich planet: study
  244. NASA, Google offer more precise emissions tracking
  245. Military satellite launch in French Guiana delayed
  246. Over the Arctic, Auroras Collide
  247. Astronauts blast off on Christmas space voyage
  248. Astronauts blast off for Christmas space mission
  249. Europe's Goce satellite probes Earth's gravity
  250. Time travel?