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  1. Ascension Itself
  2. The Human Body of LIght
  3. A very interesting web site
  4. Abraham on The Stream - Esther & Jerry Hick
  5. Indigo Knowledge
  6. Recognize your shadow side Tuesday, February 24, 2009
  7. The Way of Life in the Fifth Dimension by Jim Self
  8. Towards our ascension
  9. Ascension
  10. Time for new things to promising start
  11. Man- Body, Consciousness
  12. Living in the fifth dimension (Steve Rother)
  13. Children of the New Dream - Interview with Drunvalo Melchizedek
  14. Images of Reality
  15. What is clairvoyance?
  16. Star Child - The road back home
  17. EFT Dr William Tiller part 1
  18. Gregg Braden interview
  19. The Global Brain(Video)
  20. Inner child
  21. Looking at people for truth
  22. The point is Without Fear For His (interview Patricia Cori)
  23. Conspiracy Theories and Fear: What You Focus On, You Empower
  24. Gateways of Light, The Awakening
  25. WE Are One
  26. Infinite Consciousness(Short Video)
  27. Approaching Critical Mass - Official Trailer
  28. The importance of benevolent values
  29. The Global Spiritual Awakening of Humanity
  30. Baby, Young, Mature, Old Souls ... Michael Teachings
  31. WorldShift: The Quest for a Quantum Leap in Human Affairs
  32. Approaching Critical Mass(Video)
  33. Lisa Renee ascension update for Jan 2010
  34. The Quickening, 2010, and The Symbiotic Holographic Hive Mind
  35. Chakra test
  36. [Video] Ascension-Raising Your Vibrational Frequency
  37. 28 signs you are ascending: Evolution 2012
  38. Ascension and genetic pathcutting..Lisa Renee vid
  39. Ascension Guidelines (Video)
  40. Lisa Renee ..the ascension cycle timeline..vids
  41. Lauren Gorgo - 11th Phase Lightbody Ascension - Feb 1st
  42. Suzanne Spooner: Update on U.S. Disclosure/Ascension Accord 2011 ~ Steve Beckow
  43. Why We Are Here - Human Ascension
  44. The 5 Gateways of Ascension
  45. [Attention] The True Lady Of Light: Ascended Being, Helping Humanity Transition With The Earth And Reach Enlightenment
  46. 10 ASPECTS OF ASCENSION - Suzanne Lie March 17
  47. Ascenation Q&A with Drunvalo
  48. The Basics Of Ascension By Inelia Benz
  49. Ego be Gone, the way to Evolution- Ego be Gone, the way to Evolution
  50. Are you an old soul? 16 ways to tell if you are an old soul
  51. The Eight Stages of Ego Death