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  1. LLResearch: Psychic Attack
  2. 2012 and the BEAST technology
  3. Not of This World
  4. Artist Akianne: Spiritual Child Prodigy
  5. what matters; Inspiration from W Mitchell
  6. Jill Taylor - An Idea Worth Spreading
  7. A Crystal Child Speaks Out
  8. Gregg Braden and Spiritual Consciousness
  9. The Divine Matrix
  10. Rewriting the Reality Code
  11. Thoughts from Gregg Braden author Science of Miracles
  12. Wingmakers
  13. Mitchell Gibson - A Psychiatrist heals with the Soul
  14. The Beginning of 2009 (For Most)
  15. Teachings of Babaji
  16. Native American Prophecy
  17. Vision Seed Willy Whitefeather
  18. Chief Arvol Looking Horse speaks on our Elders, Love and Compassion
  19. Catch the Fire
  20. Virtual Light # 6 Beacons of Light Feb 2009
  21. Working with your angels guide
  22. Steps to a good relationship: the 7 spiritual laws
  23. Spirituality in everyday life
  24. On the way home Saturday, February 21, 2009
  25. Year of the Light Part 1:
  26. Soul Unit Thursday, February 26, 2009
  27. Tolerance and forgiveness Monday, March 2, 2009
  28. An important message from the Kogi methods
  29. Numerology and synchronicity Friday, March 6, 2009
  30. Energetic forces :Sunday, March 8, 2009
  31. The Days of Atlantis Śre Back Doing it differently, Steve Rother
  32. Conscious words: Be who you are, throw your mask off
  33. Recognition of our soul mates
  34. Occultism and parapsychology: More between heaven and earth?
  35. Glimpse of Eternity Saturday, March 14, 2009
  36. Surrender Sunday, March 15, 2009
  37. Everyone has their own free will
  38. What is a Human Angel?
  39. Saint Germain Gift of the Violet Flame
  40. Untapped Source of Healing Energy
  41. Cosmic Evolution, the home of Humanity
  42. Source of life, the Great Central Sun, and the Grand Central Magnet
  43. When you are looking at the Flaws in the world ...
  44. The Cosmic Law of karma
  45. What If? Tuesday, April 7, 2009
  46. The Heart Connection,A love affair with Yourself
  47. The power of creation
  48. Abraham Quotes (Esther & Jerry Hicks)
  49. Third Consciousness
  50. Second chakra
  51. third chakra
  52. fourth chakra
  53. first chakra
  54. Fifth chakra
  55. Sixth chakra
  56. What is Tantra?
  57. Seventh chakra
  58. Tony Parsons The Open Secret
  59. The Human Body Energy Centers, Beautiful!
  60. Garden State Ghost Hunters Thermal Ghost Video
  61. Croxteth Hall Ghost Video
  62. Real ghost in bathroom
  63. Spine chilling ghost footage
  64. Groundbreaking ghost video
  65. Spirit Beings
  66. Spiritual disciplines and practices
  67. What's so special about disciplines?
  68. Spirituality and Simplifying Life
  69. Doing and Resting
  70. The Power Is God's
  71. The Spirit Is Undefined, Yet Known
  72. No man is an island - John Donne
  73. Love is the way, love is the answer
  74. Explanations
  75. What is shamanism
  76. Soul and Spirit
  77. Hyper Borea, The Pineal Gland, and The Spear of Destiny
  78. Message from JESUS DEAN - Meditate on this!
  79. Self-Consciousness
  80. Kindred
  81. Justice: What's The Right Thing To Do?
  82. Tantra: the art of loving
  83. The Human Dream
  84. Luminous beings are we,...
  85. Today, I awoke
  86. Understanding dimensions and how they apply to you
  87. How Do "You" "Know" Who The Good Guys Are?
  88. Metaphysical Articles of Gerardus
  89. Mind Parasites - How to remove?
  90. Are You Waking up in the Fourth Dimension and do not know it??
  91. Are You Waking up in the Fourth Dimension and do not know it??
  92. Empathy
  93. An Article by a Mason About The New Era
  94. 30 qualities of consciousness
  95. "I come in peace!" An icy hug ..
  96. This is beautiful!... Try not to cry.
  97. The Power of One
  98. Cosm: The Movie - Alex Grey & the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors
  99. The 12 gates of the soul
  100. Do not wait another day (Emmanuel 15-11-2009)
  101. Embracing The Divine Masculine
  102. Attributes of the Soul Level of Consciousness
  103. The 7 Universal Laws
  104. Energy vampires
  105. the Spherical Concept of Divinity
  106. The Sixth Night, Karma and the Reaction
  107. Spiritual concerns
  108. Obvious Signs of Dark Force Connections
  109. Compassion
  110. Dolores Cannon- The experiment, "Volunteer' Souls & Lost Knowledge
  111. Sacred Geometry - Metatron's Cube
  112. Conscious Evolution
  113. An explanation of reincarnation
  114. Love is the cement of the universe
  115. The AVATAR in Us
  116. The Voice of God.
  117. What I believe.
  118. Angels.
  119. Chakra System: a model for medicine, psychology and business administration
  120. Ananda Project - Moment Before Dreaming
  121. The idea that consciousness can have a direct effect on a living organism
  122. The struggle for Peace
  123. DR. LANDRiTH-The Universe lies within - tap into bliss
  124. Eckhart Tolle: Uncut Interview, Part 1
  125. Jericho Sunfire - the Process
  126. Links to Spirituality Found in the Brain
  127. DNA upgrade, Magnetic Pole Shift and Consciousness
  128. Very Cool Short Videos
  129. Dimensions Of Our Reality
  130. Metaphysics - Matter And Beyond
  131. Barack Obama a lightworker / enlightened being?
  132. God is not the Creator, claims academic
  133. Lorna Byrne - Angels In My Hair
  134. "Authentic Heart" - 21 Minute Movie
  135. The Aura cleaning process
  136. a significant step towards spiritual maturity
  137. The Bodhgaya Event : Eva Zemanova's detailed personal encounter
  138. Infinite Possibilities
  139. woman shares her keylontic science experiences on youtube
  140. Don Tolman - Food of the Gods (video)
  141. July 11 TOTAL solar eclipse USE IT!
  142. Psychic Self-Defense From Energy, Entities and Much More
  143. The Unknown Lightworker: The Lightwarrior
  144. Rare Buddha's Halo Appears Over Mountain in China
  145. Global awakening news september 2010
  146. spiritual and physical ascension are the same thing
  147. spell scams
  148. Spiritist ebooks
  149. [Attention] Activation October 10th, 2010 Part 1
  150. Awakening as One.
  151. The difference between "doing things right" and "freedom" by Sarah Bierman
  152. Amitakh Stanford - Loving You : Vibrational Sounds from the Heart
  153. A Message of Love & Light, by Carla L. Rueckert
  154. Awakening to Conscious Co-Creation - James Gililand Interviewed by Peter Tongue
  155. Principle Of Astrology Proven To Be Scientific: Planetary Position Imprints Biological Clocks Of Mammals
  156. Horoscope Hang-Up: Earth Rotation Changes Zodiac Signs
  157. George Kavassilas with Lisa Harrison Jan 2011
  158. WORLDSPIRIT - Alex Grey & Kenji Williams (Full-length Video)
  159. Nine Documentaries About Shamanism
  160. The Divine Feminin
  161. Video: Lisa Renee 2011 And Cosmic Kryst Conciousness
  162. Negative Mental Body Blocks & Interference
  163. Evolution of Consciousness
  164. Melchizedek: Most*will be experiencing* more periods of sleepiness and this is why..
  165. Lisa Renee on 3rd and 4th dimensional recycling/Egypt related
  166. Residents of the New Earth: Arise! ~ Meredith Murphy
  167. The Diamond Heart ~ Lisa Renee
  168. Spiritual bonds
  169. The Final Push ~ We're Crowning!
  170. The Indigo Revolutions and Integrating the Ancient Wisdoms into the Collective Consciousness
  171. Lisa Renee March ascension update
  172. Intuitive Knowing, Reality Grids and Fifth-Dimensional Timelines
  173. Ringing Earth - Tibetan Monks in "spirit cave" hear new sounds
  174. don't send "love and light"..
  175. The Golden Wolf's Message
  176. Hopi Elders Call for Prayer for Japan and our World
  177. Remote viewing Tibetan monks see Extra Terrestrial powers saving the World from....
  178. Lisa Renee april 2011 ascension update
  179. Increased Intuition for Dummies Guide - Online
  180. Ashtar has a Special Message ~ Decloakings are Seconds Away ~ Be in Joy
  181. Ego Leads You down the Garden Path ~ Heaven Letters #3879 ~ July 9, 2011
  182. Bridging Heaven & Earth Show with Patricia Cota-Robbles
  183. The Future of Earth - Message from Angel Eyes
  184. Conquering One's Body Using Your Spirit
  185. When it becomes clear that your consciousness is much more important then life
  186. Beyond Belief - Jesus trained and died in India, he emphasized meditation and taught reincarnation
  187. Wayne Dyer's 6 ego Beliefs from "The Power of Intention"
  188. Top Scientist: Your Pet Can Read Your Mind..!
  189. Newton Institute: The Spirit World and The Soul
  190. Caroline Myss "The Consciousness Movement"
  191. Collapse of the Astral Realms
  192. Alan Moore - Magick, Art and Shamanism
  193. The Shadow Self
  194. REBOOT THE GRID on 20-21st of May
  195. The plain truth without imagination
  196. [Inspiring] Share an experience or comment on someone elses! Lets grow/develop together!
  197. Conversation with God: To remember to re-create what you were!
  198. How to Contact Your Spirit Guide
  199. What Programs have You Studied?
  200. [ALERT!] Removing the shackles--- paying the price for being AWAKE !
  201. [Awesome!] ebook, The Gods of Eden
  202. [Awesome!] green superfood powder If Iím Awakening Spiritually, Why Donít I Feel Better? GREAT read !
  203. The Gods have connected us.
  204. A view on what spirituality is from Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev
  205. Beyond Thought (Awareness Itself)
  206. Local Congregations for Theosophy, Gnosticism, Shamanism, Aetherius, and Scientology
  207. The "New Age" goes into retirement
  208. The Heart
  209. 30 Traits of Being an Empath
  210. Judgment and Ignorance - Lady of Light
  211. The 12 Laws of Karma (that will change your life)
  212. Great Waves of Change and Steps to Knowledge
  213. Spiritual information for everyone on Earth
  214. Round-table - human consciousness today with Marra, Tolec, KP, Brad Johnson and Drunvalo
  215. You create your own experience
  216. Is Consciousness More than the Brain? - Interview with Dr. Gary Schwartz
  217. Questioning all that I've been taught
  218. [Cool!] Experiences with enlighten teacher. How many of you have had a similar experience?