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  1. Earth on the Brink of an Ice Age?
  2. Barack the anticrist
  3. Riots Martial Law Declared U.N. On American Soil
  4. The Next Attack
  5. Nasa's Deceptions, Alligations
  6. Bush's Grandfather Directed Bank Tied to Man Who Funded Hitler
  7. How Bush's grandfather helped Hitler’s rise to power
  8. Here comes a world currency!FEB 11
  9. Unreported News - Kebenaran Di Tak Bai (Massacre)
  10. Is Obama the Antichrist? — What Holly Thinks
  11. 25 People to Blame for the Financial Crisis
  12. Reuters releases news and then says they are not responsible for content
  13. BBC gives ‘unnamed sources’ for important Congo article
  14. Google: No, Atlantis is not detected Monday, February 23, 2009
  15. Alex Jones Exposed! You Deside..........
  16. upgrade dna 2012
  17. Breaking News: Barack Obama prepares for UFO arrival, open alien contact
  18. Some unnamed US officials say Electricity Grid in U.S. Penetrated
  19. Scottish police officers claim to be Jedi
  20. THE INFLUENCE GAME: Excuse me! Lobby wins on burps
  21. Nigeria militants say attack two Shell oil pipelines
  22. Swiss police find body of US boy at waterfall
  23. Couple floats into zero gravity nuptials
  24. India orders Afghan-bound US plane to land
  25. Genes May Raise Risk of Neuroblastoma in Kids
  26. 9/11 search dog cloned for former Canadian cop
  27. Top 6 drugs tipped to be biotech products by 2014
  28. Lifestyle May Counter Blood Pressure Genes
  29. No Benefit in Testing for Genes Linked to Leg Clots
  30. Coming Soon: Lung-Cancer Spray?
  31. Dad's Genes May Play Greater Role Than Thought
  32. U.S. lawmakers tussle over generic biologic drugs
  33. Taliban commander shot dead in northwest Pakistan
  34. Obama Caught Up in the Washington Blame Game
  35. All Firearms must be listed on 2010 TAX returns
  36. Military trucks and coffins close to vaccine centers in France: Unconfirmed
  37. Canada wants U.S. on board on climate change
  38. "Breaking: Entire Nation of Ukraine Under Armed Quarantine-Entire Nation Shut Down"
  39. President Obama on US TV schedule on the 27th November?
  40. Obama: US-Indian ties help define 21st century
  41. Obama's 2-Hour Disclosure, Nov 27th
  42. OBAMA HIGH on CBS 60 Minutes -Some Mind Altering Substance ! -Unedited Version-
  43. What Happened On AirTran Airways Flight 297
  44. Prepare For Rebellion, Obama Orders US-Canadian Troops
  45. CNN: Question marks on attack
  46. Earth tilted by Inuit elders
  47. obama may be in hot water!!!!
  48. Cuba protests US screening of airline passengers
  49. Ancient city of Troy exposed
  50. A baby lamb with a human-looking face...
  51. URGENT! BREAKING..just as Billy Meier took photos, San Francisco is about to be flat!
  52. US accelerating missile defenses in Gulf: report
  53. Obama Plans Stealth Nationalization of IRAs
  54. US officials ask Cuba to release jailed American
  55. Quenn Elizabeth to Abdicate or step down from the Throne of England
  56. October Surprise 2010...
  57. [Wow!] Ricky Martin on coming out and coming into his own
  58. Mob in Athens abuses Muslims as they celebrate Eid
  59. Afghan poll candidate killed during holiday prayers
  60. Mexico: 10 kidnapped migrants freed by navy
  61. Partial skeleton found in US Virgin Islands
  62. Judge Orders Michael Jackson Doctor to Stand TrialJan 11, 2011 – 6:57 PM
  63. Chrysler Finds It Can Be Profitable Selling Fewer Cars
  64. After failed Iran nuclear talks: What now?
  65. Michael Vick Signs First Endorsement Deal Since Reinstatement
  66. Swine Flu Bird Flu News - CIA plane with mutated swine flu virus shot down in China
  67. Protests in Egypt -- and other apocalyptic changes -- could reset Obama’s agenda
  68. Venezuelan court grants jailed judge house arrest
  69. U.S. fast food caught in immigration crosshairs
  70. VERY URGENT MESSAGE as "OP" threatens America on GodlikeProductions forum
  71. Proof the government is preparing for a catastrophe (make of it what you will)
  72. There's some evidence of which advises a strong earthquake could take place in Italy (Rome)
  73. Something catastrophic is brewing in u.s.a. !!! Fema is busy
  74. (dutchsinse) extreme weather prediction for Western Australia
  75. Obama Caught on Hot Mic Admitting Election Fraud by TPTB (real or fake?)
  76. X Class headed our way at 5 am EDT 14 July 2012
  77. Almost a Total Ice Melt in Greenland in 4 Days
  78. [Must Read!] Is US Being Silently Invaded By Russian Troops Who Speak English?
  79. News Report - Mt Fuji getting ready for eruption
  80. [Video] US Declassified Possible Plans for UFO's
  81. Many Reports of Military Vehicles around Los Angeles, CA
  82. [Attention] Death 0f America: Leaked US Army Document Outlines Plan for Re-Education Camps in America Video
  83. Hugo Chavez Died March 5th 2013, What is Mainstream Hiding?
  84. Hillary Clinton Placed Under House Arrest
  85. Woody Harrelson is dead?
  86. NBC News (CORPORATE SHILLS) - Reports: stock up on cangoods before May 31 2013'
  87. Rumor: Obama stepping down to be announced July 4th 2013
  88. Within 24 hours news will be released that will take down whole US power structure says Glenn Beck.
  89. NSA Justice Memo & NSA IG Report (Leaked)
  90. Monsanto Buys BLACKWATER the largest mercenary army in the world
  91. The banks are gearing up for the collapse
  92. The Greek Military Asks for the Entire Greek Government to Resign or Else
  93. [ALERT!] U.S. covering up using dolphins and other sea creatures to do their dirty work...
  94. [Confirmed!] I was watching animal planet.... Mermaids are REAL!
  95. Rumor: Supposedly from Ben Fulford 7-15-14 - "Bush Sr. passed away on Friday"
  96. [Bombshell!] Germany seeking to leave European Union (EU) and join BRICS!