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  1. Cockroach Superpower No. 42: They Donít Need to Pee
  2. Large Amounts of Birds and Fish Found Dead in Different Parts of the World
  3. Everest's Youngest Climber Prepares for Antarctica Adventure
  4. Bigger Not Better: Porn Star Dies After Breast Enlargement
  5. Picher, OK is Being Destroyed
  6. Russian spy Chapman registers her name as trademark
  7. Mother's Hot Sauce Discipline Tactics Land Her in Hot Water
  8. Swanky Paris salon spruces up down-at-heel women
  9. Polish hunter sues after failing to find elephant
  10. Rats! Good for protein and protests in Uganda
  11. Germany crowns deer-calling champion
  12. Turkmen leader orders beauty contests for horses
  13. Love me, love my dog, say Briton
  14. Barking dogs can land owner in jail
  15. Roaches are forever as novel Valentine's gift
  16. Malaysian beats tiger away to save wounded husband
  17. Australian city to expel 22,000 bats from downtown gardens
  18. Toads in the road bode ill for Freiburg fans
  19. City to get RoboCop statue with fan funding
  20. Man has 39 wives, nearly 100 children
  21. Penis graffiti dropped from Russian competition
  22. German celebrity opossum misses one Oscar pick
  23. Entenmann's Donuts Recalled for Mold, Odd Smell
  24. Beach disappears?
  25. [Must Watch!] Now this is one creature you have never seen before.....Watch with your own eyes!!!!!!!
  26. Possible "Zombie" Attack? In Philadelphia?
  27. [Video] The Moth Man called The Gargoyle terrorizes people in Puerto Rico
  28. [Video] totally Bizarre Softball sized eyeball found on beach
  29. [Must See!] Really weird stuff Bleeding trees.
  30. [Must See!] What do you suppose this is? Really Weird.
  31. Trucker Strike possible, stock up on supplies!
  32. Deadly Lake Natron Turns Animals Into Ghostly 'Statues'