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  1. Dumb Signs
  2. Dumb warnings on tools
  3. Stupid Quotes
  4. Funny Newspaper Headlines
  5. To Be 6 Again...
  6. the cat in the hat on aging
  7. The 6 best smart ass answers
  8. A bottle of wine----a touching story all woman will adore!
  9. The love story of Ralph and Edna...
  10. You may live in Canada.
  11. The Irish Ballerina
  12. Surrey Snowman
  13. Cost of a brain
  14. S o m e t i m e s
  15. Getting a hairdryer through customs...
  16. All Blue
  17. A Dirty Fork
  18. Just an E-mail Note
  19. How Old Am I??
  20. Two Old Pensioners
  21. Politics Explained
  22. Two Men and A Refrigerator
  23. Only a Head
  24. Blonde Rolls Back The Odometer
  25. Taxing Profession
  26. Ukrainian Logic - can't beat it
  28. Buy some Grapes and Some Doughnuts
  29. B or D
  30. The Blonde at Western Union
  31. Tourette's
  32. Artifacts and gifts
  33. As I entered Heaven's door
  34. 9 Months Later...
  35. Riddle
  36. Do you have...
  37. Self naming
  38. A few words from the visionary steven wright
  39. An Interview With An Eighty-year-old Bride
  40. Grandmas don't know everything...
  41. What is your secret?
  42. My Poor Duck
  43. Amish Farmer
  44. A Bogey
  45. Husband Wanted
  46. Mexican Oysters
  47. free job position
  48. Zen Of sarcasm
  49. Keep Your Distance!
  50. If men ruled the world: Top 26 list
  51. Beached Whale
  52. Numbers
  53. The Things Children Say....
  54. disorder in America
  55. It looks real is it?(Video)
  56. Six reasons why you should think before you speak
  57. Leave it to small children to be honest
  58. FREE computer screen cleaning
  59. Funny Things on Google Earth
  60. The American, British, German, are NOT stupid videos
  61. Simon's Cat
  62. Phone call from hell
  63. Farmer meets his match
  64. Blonde Carpet Shopping
  65. How to give a cat a pill
  66. The seal
  67. Moses & Jesus
  68. Canadian firefighters
  69. A woman's yearly exam
  70. HARK!!! A new blonde joke!!!
  71. Pregnant at 71
  72. Actual Film of Roswell Aliens! -joke-
  73. kung fu squirrel
  74. 11 people on a rope
  75. Obama Caught Lip-Syncing Speech
  76. Educated puns‏
  77. Thanksgiving Day Jokes
  78. Is this right
  79. How cost effective!
  80. Dear Mom
  81. Remember when your mom would say
  82. The best riddle you will ever read.....
  83. "I've pulled you over for speeding now The breathalyzer!
  84. The Blonde at Western Union
  85. Making Fun Of The Freemason Clowns
  86. A family is at the dinner table
  87. Test for Dementia
  88. The laws of ultimate reality
  89. One day, Satan
  90. Drug Store
  91. Things I learned driving through Texas :
  92. Paris Hilton
  93. Changing The Clocks
  94. How a marriage works
  95. Politics!
  96. Awkward Encounter
  97. Translation
  98. Crying Farmer
  99. Various humor / jokes 151
  100. Buy some Grapes and Some Doughnuts
  101. B or D
  102. The Blonde at Western Union
  103. Turpentine vs Holy Water
  104. Proof that Men Have Better Friends..
  105. I knew Bob
  106. Stumpy legged pink dog
  107. Drinking ballerina
  108. Home remedies
  109. Drug Store
  110. Paris Hilton
  111. Changing The Clocks
  112. How a marriage works
  113. Confucius Say:
  114. Political Correctness
  115. Lunch With Dad
  116. CIA’s ‘Facebook’ Program Dramatically Cut Agency’s Costs
  117. (Official) ET 2 Trailer Spoof
  118. Hitler rants about TSA pedophiles and airport security pat downs
  119. New Alien Types? Anatomy Of An Urban Thug!
  120. From the Edge
  121. Official Bankster Dictionary -- Smart Humor
  122. Drunken Ben Bernanke Tells Everyone At Neighborhood Bar How Screwed U.S. Economy Is
  123. Vital Notes
  124. Hitler finds out Hostess has filed for bankrupcy
  125. [Video] Way cute thought I'd share
  126. Prime Example of Dumbed Down
  127. Reports Coming In That David Wilcock Has Ascended to The 5th Dimension - David says he was right about Dec 21 2012
  128. Adorable video captures excitement of cat as it sees snow for the very first time
  129. [Awesome!] That Dog can Dance!!
  130. [Must Watch!] Rescued baby hummingbird video (Adorable) Something that'll make you smile
  131. Best Propaganda Film - OSCAR 2013 SPOILER! LEAKED CLIP
  132. Billy Joel by the LAPD - Burners deployed and we have fire!
  133. Are You Too a Debt-Slave ? Watch this!
  134. MinusIQ | The pill to lower your IQ permanently
  135. KFYR News Anchor A.J. Clemente Drops F-bomb in TV Gaffe
  136. [Must Watch!] This is funny
  137. [Must Watch!] Equal time Funny cats
  138. [Must Watch!] Animals who show us how we should get along
  139. [Must See!] Extreme Cuteness
  140. Extraordinary approaches to common life difficulties
  141. NSA Agent Caught 'SNOOPING' on Video
  142. Joke of the day
  143. Animation - The NSA's Watching
  144. [Must Watch!] Another moment of cute: via courtesy of our animal friends
  145. Calling The NSA, do you have the email I deleted?
  146. Obama Needs World War 3 - [NwoSatire]
  147. [Video] For a Good Smile watch Some Cuteness which I hope lifts our Spirits
  148. 'The New NSA iPhone' Apple iPhone iOS 7 [NwoSatire]
  149. Shoe Throwing at Politicians Academy
  150. New Revolutionary Smart Car 2014 [eXtended Version!]
  151. [Must See!] New Weird Al Music Video
  152. To USA citizens from the Queen England
  153. Alex Jones Reverse NwoSatire
  154. New! "Alternate Viewpoint Canceling Headphones"