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  1. How to Hypnotize People
  2. Instructions on how to hypnotize
  3. Tips & Warnings for hypnotizion
  4. Does Hypnosis Really Work?
  5. The External/Internal Self Hypnosis Technique
  6. How to Hypnotize Someone Using The Dave Elman Technique
  7. How To Hypnotize Someone - What Will Trance Feel Like
  8. Hypnosis Is All In Your Mind
  9. How To Hypnotize Someone Using Stories
  10. How To Hypnotize People Using Instant Rapport
  11. Learn How To Hypnotize People Covertly
  12. Hypnosis Is Totally Harmless.
  13. Hypnotizing Methods: Mind Control Marketing
  14. Hypnotizing Methods: How to Stupify Society
  15. Brainwashing & mind control techniques
  16. Think You’re Operating on Free Will? Think Again
  17. Stewart Swerdlow talks about the history of Mind Control, very educative!
  18. TV is a Psycho-Social Weapon
  19. mind control...the practice and mechanics of it
  20. Unplug the Signal: The Truth Will Not Be Televised
  21. DARPA Wants to Install Mind Control Devices in Soldiers' Helmets
  22. Hidden Message Of Islam In Children’s Toys?
  23. Brain Implants - electronic harassment
  24. Scientists Show that They Can Change People's Moral Judgments
  25. Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  26. Gender and Face?
  27. Unknowingly Hypnotizing
  28. China bans crime shows and soap operas to make way for ‘Red’ TV
  29. Army embeds PSYOPS soldiers at local TV stations
  30. Fear mongering in womens magazine
  31. CIA Mind Control Techniques: MK-ULTRA Program Brainwashing Experiments Docu (1979)
  32. Corporate Media Survival Guide Part 1: How Television Works
  33. Lady Gaga and Beyonce on China song blacklist
  34. Alex Jones - Subliminal Messaging on the Major networks in USA
  35. Altered images shows you just how fake photos are - before and after
  36. FOX News caught using fake video of riots in Russia
  37. Weathergirl goes crazy over global warming
  38. Awakenvideo.org: Mnemonic mind control in mainstream Television
  39. Internet Stalking Goes Ultra Main Stream
  40. [Shocking Truth:] Advertising tricks work because of willful ignorance!
  41. Why I quit Hollywood - By Clint Richardson
  42. The golden webb - a divine comedy Parts 1 and 2
  43. Finally somebody connected Evangelistic Christianity with Stockholm Syndrome
  44. Crazy Illuminati Subliminals In A Add For Cartoon Network
  45. 'Bought Journalism': German bestseller book reveals CIA pay Western media for spin & bias
  46. Video: Mind Controlled Military
  47. [Must Watch!] CNN and BBC Caught Faking New with Crisis Actors