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  1. NASA to beam Beatles song to North Star
  2. NASA sponsors course on communicating with aliens
  3. Diamond star thrills astronomers
  4. Also life at dwarf planet Ceres
  5. Iapetus, the Death Star and the Klerksdorp Spheres
  6. Do Planets Expand ?
  7. Neutron star crust is ten billion times as strong as steel
  8. Russian Space Shuttle
  9. Hubble sees cosmic "fountain of eternal youth"
  10. All matter consists of "mini-black holes?
  11. NASA: Hunt for Earth-like planets is on
  12. Pictures Reveal Kaguya Moon Probe's Final Moments
  13. Top official says Russian energy firms can go it alone
  14. How do we detect incoming meteorites?
  15. Extrasolar Planets
  16. Planets around Pulsars
  17. Atmospheres of extrasolar planets
  18. Prospects for detecting Earth-like planets
  19. Can life exist on the recently discovered extrasolar planets?
  20. What's so exciting about the new planet around 55 Cancri?
  21. Why aren't discoveries of extrasolar planets reported on the news?
  22. How can you tell the difference between single and multiple extrasolar planets?
  23. Why is our solar system so different from all the others we've found?
  24. Can double stars have planets?
  25. Will the next generation telescope OWL be able to detect an Earth like extrasolar pla
  26. Are the properties of extrasolar planets known?
  27. What kind of instruments are used to detect extrasolar planets?
  28. How can we estimate the number of Earth-like planets in the Galaxy?
  29. How are planets detected around other stars?
  30. How do we know the density of some extrasolar planets?
  31. Could a planetary system survive if its star merged with another, or if its star went
  32. Why are stars and planets round?
  33. Are all stars the same?
  34. What is a nova?
  35. Can one star orbit another?
  36. How many moles of stars are in the known universe?
  37. What is the largest star?
  38. The Earth
  39. Youngest person to discover a supernova
  40. Interstellar Boundary Explorer detects neutral hydrogen coming from the Moon
  41. New insight into the Sun's mysterious quiet period
  42. Giant eruption reveals 'dead' star
  43. Meteorite grains divulge Earth's cosmic roots
  44. Palomar Transient Factory sky survey brings new objects into focus
  45. Planets
  46. Why are stars and planets round
  47. Is there really a 10th planet
  48. Requirements for being a planet
  49. the names of the earth, moon, sun, and solar system?
  50. Who decides what to name the planets? And who named them?
  51. Can we colonize other planets
  52. Stephen Hawking: “Asteroid Impacts Biggest Threat to Intelligent Life in the Galaxy”
  53. Enceladus' jets may or may not be from underground ocean
  54. Galaxies coming of age in cosmic blobs
  55. Kepler mission data to go through Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI)
  56. Milky Way's super-efficient particle accelerators caught in the act
  57. Cincinnati Observatory Center's 40 Galileos Starry Messenger Project
  58. After 19 years, Ulysses solar probe to go dark
  59. After shuttle's retirement, could commercial space flights deliver?
  60. Space Serpent Human and Flat Landers
  61. Major Breakthrough: First Photos of Planets Around Other Stars
  62. Quantcast Quantcast Black Holes All Eat the Same Way
  63. Astronomers on Verge of Finding Earth's Twin
  64. Quantcast For Better or Worse, Sex in Space Is Inevitable By Jeanna Bryner, Senior W
  65. Amazon River Dated to 11 Million Years Old
  66. Migrating Planets May Have Kicked Asteroids Into Orbit
  67. Quantcast Oceans on Ancient Venus, Study Suggests
  68. Antimatter Annihilation Causes Milky Way Mystery
  69. Worms in Space to Study Microgravity
  70. Research on collision of black holes
  71. Apollo astronauts bemoan state of U.S. space program
  72. Primitive asteroids in the main asteroid belt may have formed far from the Sun
  73. Turbulence from large black holes halts star formation
  74. Giant "scar" on Jupiter spotted by amateur stargazer
  75. Dying giant star may play a role in the emergence of water on earth
  76. Huge 'bubble' spotted in space
  77. Star Trek is partly true: transparent metals in core of planet
  78. Total Amateurs Discover 'Green Pea' Galaxies
  79. Shuttle Astronauts Set to Leave Space Station
  80. Shuttle undocks after 11 days at space station
  81. Mysterious spot appeared on planet Venus
  82. Comets From Edge of Solar System Unlikely to Hit Earth
  83. Mock Supernova Created by Supercomputer
  84. Bright Spot on Venus Stumps Scientists
  85. Big Fat Star Sheds Pounds Like Crazy
  86. Images from Kitt Peak
  87. World's Finest Space Launch Vehicles
  88. How Strange, Small Galaxies Lost Their Stars
  89. Space Telescope Warms Up, Makes Pretty Pictures
  90. Comets From Edge of Solar System Unlikely to Hit Earth
  91. Near-Earth Asteroid Found to be Triplets
  92. Quantcast Titan: A World Much Like Earth
  93. New Image Reveals Nebula's Double Star Heart
  94. Speeding Stars Confirm Bizarre Nature of Faraway Galaxies
  95. Perseid Meteor Shower Might Dazzle
  96. Great tropical storm on Saturn moon Titan
  97. A Light Speed Tour of Our Universe.
  98. The first building blocks of life discovered in comets
  99. Small fluctuations in solar activity have a major impact on climate
  100. University of Hawaii astronomer finds giant galaxy hosting the most distant supermass
  101. XMM-Newton telescope uncovers a celestial Rosetta stone
  102. Fire threatens Mount Wilson Observatory
  103. Galactic bombardment unlikely to destroy Milky Way
  104. Warped debris disks around stars are blowing in the wind
  105. Stellar light show, and magic act, to begin
  106. Accurate radio observations show that Einstein was right
  107. New Views of Our Milky Way Revealed
  108. Surprising, Huge Peaks Discovered in Saturn's Rings
  109. Astronomy magazine celebrates its new observatory
  110. Discovered: First rocky planet outside our solar system
  111. Mini-comets within a comet lit up 17P/Holmes during mega-outburst
  112. European Southern Observatory unveils an interactive, 360 panoramic view of the enti
  113. Could salt crusts be key ingredient in cooking up prebiotic molecules?
  114. Global view of valleys on Titan shows north-south contrast
  115. Planck satellite snaps its first images of ancient cosmic light
  116. Zooming to the center of the Milky Way GigaGalaxy Zoom phase 2
  117. Cassini reveals new ring quirks, shadows during Saturn equinox
  118. New vista of Milky Way center unveiled
  119. LOFAR observes across borders: first international fringes of ASTRON's new telescope
  120. NASA's Spitzer spots clump of swirling planetary material
  121. Deep Impact and other spacecraft find clear evidence of water on Moon
  122. Twin Keck telescopes probe dual dust disks
  123. Spot On Discovered Dwarf Planet Haumea Shows Up With minerals And Organics life.
  124. NASA knew it for decades, next step extraterrestrial presence on moon?
  125. Sea-level stargazing: Astronomers make key sighting with Florida telescope
  126. Hubble highlights two galaxies that are losing it
  127. MESSENGER's latest images of Mercury
  128. A new search for dark energy begins
  129. Herschel's cameras combine to show the galaxy in a new light
  130. Lunar Structures - Mind Blowing
  131. Cassini radar observes seasonal change in Titan's south pole
  132. Spitzer Space Telescope discovers largest ring around Saturn
  133. NASA refines asteroid Apophis' path toward Earth
  134. Europa ocean may contain enough oxygen to support life
  135. Cincinnati Observatory Center's 40 Galileos Starry Messenger Project
  136. Scientist worked on early warning defense systems
  137. Panel says NASA should skip moon, fly elsewhere
  138. Eyes to the skies for the 'Galilean Nights'
  139. NASA: Huge fires across parts of NKorea last week
  140. Multiple fires rage in NKorea, satellite images show
  141. 'Sidewalk Astronomy' to Sweep the U.S. This Weekend
  142. Tweetup With Space Station Crew Cut Short by False Alarm
  143. Get Out: Orionid Meteor Shower Peaks Overnight
  144. "Moon and Planets in the Morning"
  145. NASA's Ares I-X rocket arrives at launch pad in Florida
  146. Last visit home for European Space Agency's comet chaser
  147. Fermi Telescope Caps First Year With Glimpse of Space-Time
  148. Active Galaxies Flare and Fade in Fermi Telescope All-Sky Movie
  149. Opening up a colorful cosmic jewel box
  150. Third Mercury fly-by provides surprises
  151. Peculiar, Junior-Sized Supernova Discovered by New York Teen
  152. Asteroid passes just 8,700miles from Earth ? with only 15 hours warning
  153. Space Shuttle On Track for Monday Launch
  154. Leonid Meteor Shower 2009 Viewer's Guide
  155. Europe's comet chaser makes last call home
  156. Broken Urine Recycler May Affect Space Mission
  157. Space Station Gets New Russian Module
  158. NASA's great observatories celebrate International Year of Astronomy
  159. Swift, XMM-Newton satellites tune in to a middleweight black hole
  160. Rosetta bound for outer solar system after final Earth swing-by
  161. Twin impacts in the Cabeus crater
  162. Here comes the 2009 Leonid meteor shower
  163. Cosmic Triple-Play: Asteroid Flyby, Fireball over Utah, Meteor Shower
  164. Astronomers discover an extrasolar planet with a highly tilted orbit
  165. Shuttle Atlantis headed for delivery stop at International Space Station
  166. Close-up movie shows hidden details in the birth of super suns
  167. Record-breaking radio astronomy project to measure sky with extreme precision
  168. NASA provides venerable Hubble hardware to Smithsonian
  169. "Crescent Earth from the Departing Rosetta Spacecraft"
  170. Spitzer telescope observes baby brown dwarf
  171. Ngc 6960
  172. Mysterious' micro-quasar " produce gamma rays
  173. Neutrino experiment starts its search for the unknown
  174. Cosmic slot machine matches galaxy collisions
  175. Two circulating beams bring first collisions in the Large Hadron Collider
  176. First black holes may have incubated in giant, star-like cocoons, new study says
  177. Herschel satellite measuring chemical composition of celestial objects
  178. First Photo Taken of Object Around Sun-Like Star, Scientists Say
  179. Coronal Mass Ejection update
  180. Black hole at Swan 'only' 7800 light years from Earth
  181. Virgin Galactic to unveil commercial spaceship
  182. "New WISE Infrared Space Telescope To Launch"
  183. Iapetus - The Moon - The Mystory
  184. Huge UFO Monitored by Cassini?
  185. Astronomers Find Nearby "Super Earth"
  186. Brightness variations of Sun-like stars: the mystery deepens
  187. An exquisite look at black holes
  188. Hubble's deepest view of universe unveils never-before-seen galaxies
  189. Cassini closes in on the centuries-old mystery of Saturn's moon Iapetus
  190. Magnetic power revealed in gamma-ray burst jet
  191. WISE launch
  192. Pioneering new survey telescope starts work
  193. WISE spacecraft launches into orbit
  194. New discoveries suggest low-mass planets are common around nearby stars
  195. Theorists propose a new way to shine and a new kind of star
  196. Astronomers find super-Earth using amateur, off-the-shelf technology
  197. NASA reveals first-ever photo of liquid on another world
  198. Martian mood pictures - face
  199. Russian rocket blasts off to space outpost
  200. New Crew Launches Toward International Space Station
  201. Hubble finds smallest Kuiper Belt object ever seen
  202. Supernova explosions stay in shape
  203. Glint of sunlight confirms liquid in northern lake district of Titan
  204. The Known Universe by American Museum of Natural History
  205. Voyager Makes an Interstellar Discovery
  206. Science Video Nation: Sunspots Revealed
  207. Russia in secret plan to save Earth from asteroid: official
  208. Airborne telescope will unlock secrets of the cosmos
  209. Stellar mosh pit resolves a mystery
  210. Three finalists for future space science mission: Venus, an asteroid, the Moon
  211. The Wide-Field Infrared Survey Explorer space telescope jettisons its cover
  212. Russia may send spacecraft to knock away asteroid
  213. Mercury:This image has been removed the 5th of January 2009
  214. The moment comet was eaten up after orbiting too close to the sun
  215. 5 hot planets ... NASA telescope 'sizzling exoplanets' !
  216. Massive black hole implicated in stellar destruction
  217. Astronomers discover waltzing black holes
  218. Galaxy history revealed in colorful Hubble view
  219. 2010: The year of the baffling eclipse
  220. Kepler space telescope discovers five exoplanets
  221. Astronomers get new tools for gravitational-wave detection
  222. We'll know soon whether we're alone, astronomers say
  223. Mystery object to whizz by Earth Wed.
  224. Astronauts Photograph Haiti Quake Aftermath From Space
  225. SwRI researchers offer explanation for the differences between Ganymede and Callisto
  226. Scientists declare Spirit a stationary research platform
  227. NASA's Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer eye spies near-Earth asteroid
  228. Solar Flare To Hit Earth in 2012
  229. Black hole hunters set new distance record
  230. Are heavyweight stars born like our Sun?
  231. Newborn black holes may add power to many exploding stars
  232. Long-anticipated eruption of U Scorpii has begun
  233. Astronomers discover cool stars in nearby space
  234. Astronomers discover cool stars in nearby space
  235. Suspected asteroid collision leaves trailing debris
  236. Earth-like planet may arise in a nearby star
  237. Asteroid-like comet P/2010 A2 What is it?
  238. The stars behind the curtain
  239. Glimpse the bright asteroid Vesta in February
  240. A little telescope goes a long way
  241. Madly mapping the universe
  242. Pluto's white, dark-orange, and charcoal-black terrain captured by the Hubble Space T
  243. Launch of NASA's shuttle Endeavour sparks early last Monday sunrise
  244. Orion in a new light
  245. New image of neighboring galaxy
  246. Astronauts Hold Winter Olympics in Space
  247. Shuttle Endeavour undocks from space station
  248. Astronomically large lenses measure the age and size of the universe
  249. Old star is "missing link" in galactic evolution
  250. An island of stars in the making on the outskirts of Orion